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7 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious

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Most of us don’t have the luxury of a large bathroom. Perhaps you have one that is fine but the other one is simply cramped. But, short of tearing down a wall, there are a few ways you can make your bathroom have the feeling of being more spacious.

Here are a few great and inexpensive ways to add the feeling of your bathroom being more spacious.

Light Colors

Choose lighter colors for the walls. Light blue, green, light pink and variations of white allow the room to feel li

Natural Light

Allow the sunlight in, even if you only have a small window. A sheer curtain over the window gives privacy and still lets the light in. Add a white or lighter colored blind for more privacy and yet keeping the area light.

If you don’t have a window, you may be able to add one. The natural light will help a lot and also provide ventilation. Maybe consider adding a small plant, as well.

Keep It Simple

Take out anything that you don’t need. Things on the floor can look cluttered and take up space. Move the clothes hamper to a different room or just outside the door, if possible.

Don’t have too much on the wall. This can give the space a filled in feeling and make it seem cramped. Clean, smooth lines will help a bathroom seem more spacious.


Using mirrors can also help with the small space. A large mirror that reflects off of another mirror or a window can really add a sense of space. If you can, add mirrors to an entire wall.

Keep mirrors unframed for a sleeker look. The frame can make the mirror seem bigger and cumbersome. Sleek lines throughout will make a big difference in a small space.


Use large tiles for the floor and the walls. Take the tiles all the way to the ceiling, if possible. If not, paint the remaining wall the same color as your tiles. Large tiles in a solid, plain color will be more effective for creating space.

Get Rid of Your Vanity

Chances are, your vanity looks like a junk drawer in your kitchen. Take it out and replace it with a pedestal sink. You can put in some small, shallow shelving instead.

Hang Things

Adding small shelves will take care of a lot of the clutter. So will installing some hooks for hanging things. You can put things on the wall, on the back of the door and even in the shower stall or around the tub.

Even some layers of hanging baskets can hold many items that are normally cluttering the counter or back of the toilet. Move them up so they are off the floor or counter but still within reach.

Small But Mighty

Short of a complete bathroom renovation, there are plenty of ways to make a small space seem larger. If you have kids, keeping their bath toys and other things put away can make a big difference.

Look for ways to make space and alternatives for storing all your personal items. Maybe you can use a basket to hold towels or toilet paper. A few small adjustments can make a big difference.

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