How Can You Boost Entertaining with a Luxury Kitchen Remodel?

Luxury Kitchen Remodel

A Luxury kitchen remodel can significantly enhance your home entertainment options. Whether you want to enliven things for your family or seek more opportunities to host parties, kitchen remodeling can help. Karin Ross Designs can show you how to turn a cramped kitchen into a wonderful place for fun and merrymaking. What Goes Into a […]

Should You Stay in Your Home During a Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen Renovation

Some clients ask us whether they should stay in their homes during a kitchen renovation. Obviously, the kitchen is the place where you put critical resources like food and utensils, so it’s vital to plan for what you’ll do if you decide to re-haul everything. Karin Ross Designs has a few suggestions for handling living […]

What Must Be Included for a Successful Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Kitchen Remodeling Project

There are important steps to take in order to ensure a successful kitchen remodeling project. If you create a detailed game plan, your interior design efforts will bear much more fruit. Karin Ross Designs helps Kansas City homeowners navigate the various do’s and don’ts of kitchen remodeling. We can steer you in the right direction […]

Tips for Creating a Kitchen for Entertaining

Tips for Creating a Kitchen for Entertaining

Creating a kitchen for entertaining is always an exciting project. One of the main things to keep in mind is that a kitchen for entertaining still needs to meet its purpose for family use. Ideally, any kitchen designed to be good for entertaining needs to be multi-functional. One of the good things to know about […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Hardware

Choosing the Right Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen hardware doesn’t refer to the appliances (like fridges and microwaves) that you have in your kitchen, but rather the type of storage spaces you choose to have. They include cupboards, drawers, and closets. Storage space is essential in any kitchen, not only because it is where you will keep utensils and kitchen utilities, but […]

Kitchen Design Ideas for Families with Children

Kitchen Design Ideas for Families with Children

Not all kitchen plans work for everyone, so if you need kitchen design ideas for families with kids, it can be confusing. You need to consider them when designing the kitchen, but also their changing needs. It’s a wise idea to think about things that are moveable, portable, and adaptable. They won’t be small forever, […]

Tips for Creating a Bright and Airy Kitchen

Tips for Creating a Bright and Airy Kitchen

Dark, cramped kitchens are difficult to work in, so if you are thinking about creating a bright and airy kitchen, good for you. Not much natural light, dark cabinets, and a small space can make your kitchen