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How Can You Boost Entertaining with a Luxury Kitchen Remodel?

Luxury Kitchen Remodel

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A Luxury kitchen remodel can significantly enhance your home entertainment options. Whether you want to enliven things for your family or seek more opportunities to host parties, kitchen remodeling can help. Karin Ross Designs can show you how to turn a cramped kitchen into a wonderful place for fun and merrymaking.

What Goes Into a Luxury Kitchen Remodel?

If you search the web for luxury design ideas, you’ll find no shortage of ways to spruce up your kitchen (or any other room in your home). There are many ways to get fancy, but it mostly boils down to improving your current arrangement with premium upgrades to hardware, cabinets, appliances, furniture, and other items. The other big components are design aspects, lighting enhancements, and space management.

Luxury Kitchen Layouts

Along with all the fantastic features you can add to a kitchen, start by brainstorming your ideal layout. There are several layout designs that ultimately determine the feel and functionality of your kitchen.

  1. One-Wall Kitchens (practical)
  2. Galley Kitchens (economical)
  3. U-Shaped Kitchens (more premium)
  4. L-Shaped Kitchens (more premium)
  5. Island Kitchens (extra luxury)
  6. Peninsula Kitchens (extra luxury)

A couple of those options are more standardized kitchen models, but you’ve probably heard people rave over island and peninsula kitchens. They’ve become especially popular in Kansas City and other places. The peninsula approach is especially well-suited for minibars, cooking demonstrations, and other creative tasks.

This only scratches the surface, too. There are tons of variations among island kitchens that can form an arrowhead shape, make use of nature-made materials like quartz or marble, and so much more.

Never forget the importance of colors, either. One popular way to boost your kitchen ambiance is to select a two-tone color scheme. This could be a design scheme where the walls and floors are one color, with fixtures and furniture using a contrasting tone (orange versus blue, for example).

Many Specific Remodeling Items in Your Kitchen

Once you know your favorite luxury layout, there’s still the matter of addressing specific components within your potential dream kitchen. Be ready to decide with your designer how to address things like:

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Hardware
  • Fixtures
  • Air Hoods
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • . . . and more.

There’s a lot to go through and you have to remember to coordinate these items together so that they fit the overall design theme. In other words, you wouldn’t want to mix average vinyl floors with expensive stainless-steel countertops. That wouldn’t look congruent or help create a premium aesthetic. The good news is that you don’t need to figure out all these details alone.

Hire a Pro for Optimal Results

As we always say, this is not the best place to overdo it with DIY jobs. That might work well with patchwork tasks, but not for a comprehensive renovation, and certainly not for luxury items. Most of what we mentioned above is more attainable with the help of competent contractors and our expert services at Karin Ross Designs.

The complexity of kitchen remodeling requires detailed planning and careful execution. Before you do anything else, we recommend looking over these things to know before remodeling your outdated kitchen. This will remind you of important aspects like electrical wiring, plumbing requirements, and, of course, budgeting for everything.

Get an Outstanding Luxury Kitchen Remodel with Karin Ross Designs

Hopefully, you’ll consider Karin Ross Designs for your next big kitchen project. We also do bathrooms and many other interior efforts. Our award-winning work appears in several home-improvement media such as KCHG Home Magazine and Kansas City Magazine.

We offer competitive rates and financing for the work we do. Plus, you can count on service with a smile when interacting with Karin Ross or any of our design team members.

We can’t wait to meet you and offer a free estimate for a new luxury kitchen remodel that will transform your home forever.