How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Quartz Countertops

quartz countertops

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, quartz countertops are an excellent choice that comes with several advantages over other materials like granite or marble. However, after you install quartz counters, it is essential to follow the proper care and maintenance routines. Caring for your counters ensures they have a long lifespan and look […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Countertop

kitchen countertop

A kitchen countertop is one of the most prominent kitchen areas because of its constant use. However, because countertops withstand major demands, they need occasional changes. Regardless of whether your countertop is damaged or needs a new look, you’ll need to know how to work with a countertop professional to make the right choice. Pleasing […]

What are the Best Countertops for your Bathroom?

best countertops

Choosing the best countertops for your bathroom is important, whether you’re upgrading your current bathroom or having a new one added. In an ideal situation, you’ll want to find something that fits your budget while combining functionality with the look that you want. Working with a designer is the perfect way to get countertops that […]

How To Properly Clean Your Quartz Countertops

quartz countertops

Quartz countertops not only look good, but they are one of the most durable surfaces available. However, if you want your countertop to keep its original luster and shine, you’ll need to know how to clean the surface properly. Many designers and contractors who install countertops prefer quartz because of its versatility. Quartz is a […]

Why Installing Quartz Countertops is a Wise Decision

installing quartz countertops

Homeowners have many good reasons for considering installing quartz countertops. Appearance and durability are two of the main reasons that quartz is popular countertop material. Quartz is sometimes called engineered stone, created from ground quartz and colorants using high pressure and heat. Read on to learn more about the advantages of this countertop material. Quartz […]

Is It Wise To Renovate Your Bathroom Before Selling Your House?

renovate your bathroom

Whether you renovate your bathroom before you sell your home will depend on some important factors. Ultimately, whether renovating is a smart choice depends on perspective buyers’ perceptions of the value. Will prospective buyers be likely to want to pay more if you’ve updated your bathroom? Read on to learn more about the possible benefits […]

The Difference Between Marble, Granite, and Quartz Countertops

quartz countertops

Deciding between quartz countertops and marble or granite is an important decision for many remodeling their kitchens or bathrooms. It should be no surprise that many consider selecting countertops one of the most difficult parts of the project. Deciding which of the three is the best for your project might seem challenging. However, with the […]

Should You Renovate Before Selling Your Kansas City Home?

Renovate Before Selling

Many clients ask us if they should renovate before selling their homes in Kansas City. While there are many market factors that determine this, renovation projects are a great idea for making your house much more attractive to potential buyers. We’d like to cover some compelling reasons to consider renovation projects prior to selling. Factors […]

What are the Signs You are Hiring the Wrong Kansas City Remodeler?

kc kitchen remodeling

Today, we want to show you some ways to avoid hiring a less-qualified Kansas City remodeler. Most interior designers mean well, but there are a few rotten apples out there. If you know the warning signs or red flags, you’ll be able to avoid getting charged a fortune for subpar remodeling services. 10 Signs You […]

What Makes Quartz Countertops an Excellent Choice?

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are some of the most durable, beautiful, and popular materials for remodeling in Kansas City. Quartz has excellent complimentary with a wide range of kitchen styles. This is one of our favorite materials, and we can’t wait to show you all the benefits of selecting it for your next home improvement endeavor. Best […]