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What are the Best Countertops for your Bathroom?

best countertops

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Choosing the best countertops for your bathroom is important, whether you’re upgrading your current bathroom or having a new one added. In an ideal situation, you’ll want to find something that fits your budget while combining functionality with the look that you want.

Working with a designer is the perfect way to get countertops that fit your needs. Read on to learn more about the top countertop choices to consider.

What Are the Most Important Factors in Selecting Countertop Material for a Bathroom?

When you’re choosing materials for your bathroom countertops, there are important factors to consider:

  • Aesthetics and design – You’ll want the countertops to fit in with your bathroom design overall, as well as withstand everyday usage.
  • Durability – Bathroom countertops are subjected to heat from hair appliances as well as spills from various sources.
  • Moisture resistance – Non-porous surfaces that are easier to keep clean are the best options for resisting moisture.

What Material Makes the Best Countertops?

The material that many consider ideal for the best countertops is quartz. Although popular in kitchens, quartz is also an ideal choice for bathrooms because of its hardness that comes from its silica dioxide construction.

Quartz has a uniform, symmetric look because it’s manufactured. There are usually few imperfections, and the material is easy to match with ceramic flooring, paint and wallpaper.

Another advantage of quartz is water absorbency. Having quartz for a countertop means that it will withstand spills better than the alternatives. You’ll also find quartz capable of withstanding scratches.

Quartz is low-maintenance because of its durability. For the most part, cleaning is the only type of maintenance required. Any non-abrasive surface cleaner is safe for quartz.

One disadvantage of quartz for many homeowners is its cost. Although financing is an option for many homeowners, the overall cost might not fit all budgets.

What Other Materials Are Good for Countertops?

Some of the other popular materials include:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Wood
  • Ceramic tile
  • Stainless steel

All of these materials have advantages and disadvantages that you must carefully weigh when making your choice. Although there are additional options, these materials are among the most popular.

Marble is a beautiful choice, especially with its veining. In addition to being durable, marble has a variety of finishes but is also often very expensive.

Granite is also very durable, complete with patterns and veining that contribute to its appearance. Maybe choose granite as a more affordable alternative to marble, although, as a natural stone, it is somewhat porous.

Homeowners going for a more rustic look will use wood for bathroom countertops. Painting or sealing, however, is required to make wood resist moisture.

Ceramic tile is one of the options that many select as a more affordable alternative to marble. Ceramic is easy to clean and moisture-resistant, although chipping is a possible issue.

Stainless steel and other metals provide a more dramatic flair than stone-based countertops. Examples of metals besides stainless steel popular with bathroom vanities include brushed nickel and hand-hammered copper.

How Do You Make Your Final Choice?

Although all the materials have advantages and disadvantages, making a final choice can be tricky. Ultimately, you may opt to go with what a designer thinks is best for your bathroom’s needs.

Redesigning a bathroom is never something that should be a DIY task. There are a lot of measurements that must be just right, as well as other logistical issues.

If you’re ready to take the next step, you won’t go wrong by picking Karin Ross Designs. We are confident you’ll be able to make the right choice about the best countertops by going with us; contact us today to get started.