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What Makes Quartz Countertops an Excellent Choice?

Quartz Countertops

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Quartz countertops are some of the most durable, beautiful, and popular materials for remodeling in Kansas City. Quartz has excellent complimentary with a wide range of kitchen styles. This is one of our favorite materials, and we can’t wait to show you all the benefits of selecting it for your next home improvement endeavor.

Best Features of Quartz Countertops

Quartz comes from engineered slabs that provide reliable surface protection to support a busy household of adults and children who heavily utilize kitchens or bathrooms. On an elemental level, quartz is a crystalline material composed of silica dioxide, which gives it its hardness. While not a cheap material by any means, it’s an excellent investment for homeowners searching for long-term solutions to deteriorating countertops.

Quartz Advantages

These are some of our favorite advantages of using quartz material for countertop remodeling.

  • Beautiful & Consistent Aesthetic
    Everything looks uniform and symmetric when you install quartz. Even straight off the slab, it has very few imperfections. It works great in both the kitchen and bathroom alike. It’s also easy to find wallpaper, paint, or ceramic flooring material to go along with it.
  • It’s Very Durable
    One reason it works so well in bathrooms is that it’s water absorbent. It can handle sink water, drinks, and spills much better than most alternatives. It’s also strong enough to withstand scratches, projectile impacts (dropped cooking equipment, for example), and other wear and tears.
  • It’s Low Maintenance
    Since it’s so durable, the maintenance efforts are minimal. It takes a lot to break quartz, so upkeep involves little else than cleaning. You have plenty of cleanser options, too. Unlike natural stone materials, which are sensitive to acidic cleaning solutions, you can usually clean quartz with any non-abrasive substance.

A Few Minor Concerns About Quartz

As we said already, this is not a cheap material for countertops. Expect it to run for roughly $35 to $65 per square foot of material. That means you’ll have to prepare yourself for how you’ll fit it into your budget. Don’t forget that we offer plenty of financing solutions to help ease the burden of large renovation tasks.

You should also be careful about heavy heat around quartz. It’s more heat resistant than laminate countertops, but extreme temperatures can cause the resin in it to discolor. Of course, this is a problem to some extent with every countertop material.

Finally, you’ll want to get reliable help to install quartz because it is very heavy. As usual, Karin Ross Designs is happy to help.

Other Great Countertop Materials

What other materials can you use for countertops?

We could list more than a dozen choices, but the most popular and effective ones are marble, granite, stone, wood, soapstone, ceramic tile, laminate, stainless steel, and concrete. These come with many strengths and weaknesses depending on your particular living conditions.

Wood, for example, looks great, but doesn’t hold up as well against spilled substances or humidity. Stainless steel looks fantastic, but it’s expensive and scratches easily. For many homeowners, it boils down to the purpose of the countertop and what it needs to endure.

If you want to dig deeper into renovation ideas, then you should read over one of our previous posts on these important kitchen must-haves. There you’ll find several other ways to enhance your kitchen.

Get Brand New Quartz Countertops Installed with Karin Ross Designs

Karin Ross Designs can’t wait to help you transform your kitchen or bathroom no matter which materials you choose. We hope you enjoyed this preview and will consider using quartz for your next remodeling project.

You can get even more information about design choices when you hire us for an interior design project. We’re recognized as the #1 Kansas City Remodeler, according to BloggerLocal. We maintain a good standing reputation with the National Kitchen & Bath Association and a nearly perfect review score on Google Reviews.

So, if you’re excited about installing quartz countertops in your kitchen, drop us a line for a free consultation soon!