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Should You Stay in Your Home During a Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen Renovation

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Some clients ask us whether they should stay in their homes during a kitchen renovation. Obviously, the kitchen is the place where you put critical resources like food and utensils, so it’s vital to plan for what you’ll do if you decide to re-haul everything.

Karin Ross Designs has a few suggestions for handling living arrangements during your kitchen’s renovation process.

What You Should Know About Staying During a Renovation

It’s more common for homeowners to remain in place, but there are several factors that dictate the feasibility. Be aware that the typical renovation project lasts multiple weeks. Complicated jobs could last beyond three months. Are you able to withstand that much time without routine kitchen items?

A full renovation (as opposed to minor remodeling) will eliminate many common amenities like your fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and sink. Now is the time to determine what you can and cannot live without for brief or extended durations.

If you elect to stay at home during renovation work, we recommend devising a solid game plan for alternative meal preparation for at least several days. You have plenty of options, though.

We’ve seen some clients relocate their refrigerator and other items into a basement or large room. When all else fails, if the project only lasts a few days, you could always get by on pizza and takeout meals briefly. Don’t forget, however, that this will probably interfere with other lifestyle matters like washing laundry if your washer and dryer are in or around your kitchen.

Opting to Leave During a Renovation

On the other hand, many of our clients opt to leave during the noisy and encumbering renovation work. We understand how frustrating that can be. It might even be a safety issue if you have small children that are difficult to keep away from the moving and installation work.

This, of course, forces you to identify other places to live for a while. If you’re a single person, you might settle on hotel living or Airbnb. That’s less practical for larger families, so a better strategy might be to find family members, friends, or neighbors who can let you lodge with them temporarily. It’s even worth considering moving into short-term lease housing for a couple of months.

Why Go to the Effort of Getting a Kitchen Renovation?

It’s common for homeowners to experience an overwhelming dread when they think about all the details and effort that go into kitchen remodeling. This is a normal part of the process, but don’t let it discourage you. There are several substantial reasons to consider a full kitchen remodel:

  • Improve your home’s resale value by several thousands of dollars.
  • Create a better atmosphere for family interaction, meals, and hosting parties.
  • Make your kitchen duties much easier by optimizing what we call a “work triangle.” This focuses on eliminating obstacles between the stove, refrigerator, and sink.
  • Eliminate redundancy and manage space better.
  • Address overdue repairs like worn floors, broken countertops, or old cabinets.

These are just a few big reasons to upgrade your kitchen. If you’ve always wanted to build something beautiful in your home, you ought to look over the pictures on our website to discover what’s possible when you totally revamp your kitchen.

Call Karin Ross Designs for Outstanding Kitchen Renovation in Kansas City

Karin Ross Designs can help answer all your pertinent questions related to the kitchen remodeling process. We know how stressful a major endeavor like this can be, which is one of many reasons it helps to have guidance. For major changes like redoing the floors, cabinets, or countertops, it takes a few days and everything’s a mess in the interim.

Our design firm takes special steps to help clients in Kansas City, Independence, Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, and other communities get through any difficult installation process. We’re Kansas City’s #1 Remodeler, according to BloggerLocal. Plus, we have a nearly perfect score from our previous clients on Google Reviews.

You can always reach out to us for a free estimate on kitchen renovation work at any time.