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Master Bathroom Renovation Checklist

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Renovating your master bathroom is a huge job. It’s also well worth the disruption. Whether you have leaks, cracked tiles or chipped sinks or tubs, a new bathroom makes a world of difference.

If you are in an older home, perhaps you are just tired of the old fixtures and boring colors. A nice newly renovated bathroom will make the entire bedroom look better and last you for years to come.

Checklist for Your Master Bathroom

The renovations will be disruptive for some time, so you need to plan out as much as possible beforehand.


The first place to start is your budget. How much money do you have to complete the project? You should set a budget and stick to it. There may be other costs that arise during the renovation, so you don’t want to get carried away with your spending.

Decide on Fixtures:

Pick out your tub, sink, and their faucets. Think about window treatments, paint, tile, mirrors and other finishing touches. Do this with your budget in mind. If you have your heart set on something, find something else that can be altered to fit the price you have.

Choose a Completion Date:

Picking a date for all the renovations to be finished will help your contractors plan their work. Depending on your climate, you don’t want gaping holes in the wall in the dead of winter. Likewise, you want the job finished before you have guests in for holidays.

Get An Estimate:

Ask your family, friends, and neighbors about who they hired and get a few estimates. You will need a checklist of questions just for them. Ask about the existing plumbing, whether it needs to be replaced or can you use it? If there is a big difference in the quotes, then there may be a problem.

If the plumbing and walls and all need to come out, then it’s best to know that before you get started. A full renovation will guarantee that you will have no problems for many years.

Buy What You Can Before Renovations:

Order materials and other items ahead of schedule. You will need to have all of the areas measured, so you know it will all fit. You can likely find many items you need locally or all in the same place.

Ask your contractor about anything they might have that is green or will help to conserve energy and water. They may also have alternative items, like handles or taps that you can get instead of the standard the items come with.

Cabinets and Closets:

If your master bathroom is rather small, ask your contractor about finding space for storage. They need to function properly and not take up too much space. Bathrooms are often oddly shaped, as well. You may need to find something unique and original to accommodate storage in the new space.

Prepare For Disruption:

There will be a mess and there will be a lot of disruption. If you are having the entire bathroom taken out, you may need to seal off the room to keep the noise and dust down.

You may also need to think about alternative sleeping arrangements. If you have another room you can use while the work is being done, it may make the work get finished faster.

Choose Wisely

Think green with your fixtures for saving energy. Pick colors you will enjoy for a long time and colors you can accessorize with. You will want towels, cloths, soaps, and other decors to blend in and match.

Most accessories can be found for a good price and will pull the entire new space together. Planning your renovation well ahead of time is planning for success.

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