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Tips for Creating a Bright and Airy Kitchen

Tips for Creating a Bright and Airy Kitchen

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Dark, cramped kitchens are difficult to work in, so if you are thinking about creating a bright and airy kitchen, good for you. Not much natural light, dark cabinets, and a small space can make your kitchen

There are a few ways you can make your kitchen brighter and add more space, even if you don’t have it. If you are needing to renovate your kitchen, here are a few ways that can help brighten up your dreary kitchen.

Tips for Creating a Bright and Airy Kitchen

Even if you don’t have much of a budget to work with, your designer can help you find ways to help you create a bright and airy kitchen.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Getting more natural light will make a big difference. Make sure nothing is in the way of your windows in the kitchen. You can also remove any trees or shrubs from outside the window to allow more light in.

Consider making the window or windows you do have a bit larger. Even moving up one size will bring in much more lights. If you have to move your cabinets to do so, consider going even a bit bigger.

You can consider adding a few smaller shelves if you choose to make the windows bigger. Add a few plants and a few smaller objects to give the feel that they are actually bigger than they seem.

Raise Cabinets

By lifting your cabinets even a few inches up the wall, you allow more space between them and the countertops. It gives the feel of more space and gives you more space to work or keep your favorite appliances.

The space above the cabinets is often never used anyhow, so moving your cabinets up a bit will make quite a difference. Don’t go too high that you can’t reach, but you can always use the top shelves for storing items you rarely use.

Creating a Bright and Airy Kitchen: Light Colors

Dark colors in any room can make it feel smaller. It’s fine for some rooms, but not the kitchen. Pale colors for the cabinets, countertops, floors, and walls will give the feeling of space.

Choose whites, greys, light blues, and even pale pinks. You can accessorize with countertop appliances, towels, and even a variety of tiles on the walls or the floors.

Hidden Storage

Your contractor can help you create a bright and airy kitchen by making you hidden storage spaces. Large pans can be slid in or stacked and then just disappear.

Larger closets and pantries can look like a part of the wall and then they open up to reveal a coffee station, dry goods storage, and even a workstation where you can use smaller appliances, an under-counter fridge, and warming drawers.


Overhead lighting can be too harsh, especially if it is the only light your kitchen has. Get a variety of lighting installed to create a bright and airy kitchen. Lower wattages in a few places will also help.

Accent lights like sconces or under cabinet lights, small lights close to the floor, over the sink, and stove also make it feel calmer. Task lights that can be dimmed can also be used in the early morning or in the evening.

Creating a Bright and Airy Kitchen

You don’t have to knock down walls to create a bright and airy kitchen, but if it is an option, go for it. If you need help or advice, please contact us here today at Karin Ross Designs.

We can help you find that perfect kitchen you have always dreamed of.