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Cabinet Shelving Options and Upgrades

cabinet shelving options kansas city

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When it comes to kitchen renovation, most of us tend to focus more on countertops and flooring. We forget all about the cabinets despite them being critical elements that take up much of the space in the kitchen and boast tons of functionalities. Therefore, if you want to conduct a successful kitchen remodel, you must learn how to trick your cabinets with some space-saving solutions. And since there are plenty of options out there, this write-up highlights some of the best cabinet shelving options and upgrades.

A Pull-out Pantry

One of the life-changing cabinet shelving options that you can add to your kitchen cabinet is a pull-out pantry. This option allows you to store endless items in a space that can be tucked in, but still, access all these products with much ease. It will enable you to store spices, cooking essentials, and dry goods in a dedicated place. There is nothing as fulfilling as having a place where you can store all your usual countertop clutter and access it without too much hassle.

Soft-close Drawers

Most of the wear and tear witnessed in cabinet drawers, and doors are caused by slamming. With the soft-close drawers, the cabinet drawers will never slam when shut since they feature a mechanism where they close on their own when gently pushed.

With soft-close drawers, the noise from your cabinets will be minimized, and their longevity will be extended. The best thing is that you don’t need to destroy the existing drawers to enjoy this silence and durability. All you need to do is purchase a soft-close track and hardware at your local store, and DIY.

Under-Sink Caddies

Nothing is as confusing as not knowing where to store your cleaning supply inside the kitchen. With most of the cabinet drawers and shelves already having their designated purposes, the only remaining place that can make perfect storage is the under-sink caddies. These storage spaces are excellent additions to help you store all cleaning supplies. The storage units boast a fascinating pop-up feature that allows you to access your items without getting down on your hands or knees.

Corner Drawers

When you have a U- or L-shaped kitchen plan, you always wonder what to do with the corner cabinet. While these corners can offer extra storage, they are not as accessible or easy to use as you expect them to be. However, to avoid wasting this space, you can add quirky corner drawers. These drawers offer storage spaces in 45-degree angles but pull directly out to give you a clean look inside. This drawer option permits homeowners to keep their counters at the usual L-shape, while still providing ample drawer space. These drawers are ideal for storing small items, such as seasonal jars and cooking utensils that are sure to fit in odd angles.

Open Shelving Above the Sink

Most traditional kitchen layouts always include a small cabinet above the sink. If you want to create a more airy feel in your kitchen, you can get rid of the cabinet and install a couple of well-designed shelves. The open shelves can be used to store items that are not affected by the humidity from your sink. They are are also perfect spots to put houseplants.

Frameless Construction

If you feel that your cabinet doors are taking more space, frameless construction is the answer. It involves crafting cabinet doors in a way that they don’t have a lip or any obstruction on the inside. This type of construction gives you some extra space, and as we all know, additional space in the kitchen is always welcomed.

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