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What are the Best Appliances to Include in a Kitchen Island?

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In modern kitchen design, the island has emerged as a centerpiece that marries functionality with aesthetics. It’s not just a place for meal preparation; it’s a statement of your culinary style. In this blog, we’ll explore the best appliances to include in a kitchen island, ensuring your culinary space is contemporary, unique, and a true reflection of your individuality. From hidden microwaves to sink and dishwasher combos, trash compactors, steamers, and the strategic placement of ranges and cooktops, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a kitchen island that stands as a testament to your exquisite taste and culinary aspirations.

The Microwave – A Hidden Gem

One of the essential appliances in any kitchen is the microwave. Traditionally, microwaves were often placed above the stove, but there’s a more elegant solution. Consider opting for JW microwaves, which can be installed as standalone units. These microwaves can be discreetly concealed within a base cabinet on your kitchen island. This placement not only saves valuable counter space but also keeps the microwave out of sight, preserving the island’s sophisticated appearance.

Sink/Dishwasher Combo – Functional and Chic

Maximizing functionality while maintaining a chic aesthetic is crucial when designing your kitchen island. Incorporating a sink and dishwasher combo into your island can achieve just that. A sink in the island allows for convenient food preparation and cleanup while enabling you to stay engaged with your guests during meal prep. Combining it with a dishwasher enhances the island’s utility, making it a self-contained and efficient workspace.

Trash Compactor – A Disappearing Act

For those with eco-conscious sensibilities and a commitment to waste management, a trash compactor is a practical addition to consider. However, it’s essential to note that trash compactors are gradually becoming less common in the appliance market. If you choose to include one in your island, be prepared for potential challenges when seeking replacements in the future. Keep in mind that if your trash compactor fails, you may need to replace the cabinet housing it, adding an extra layer of consideration to your design.

Steamer – A Healthy Cooking Companion

In today’s health-conscious world, steamers are gaining popularity in kitchen design. These appliances can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen island, elevating your cooking experience. Steamers are ideal for preparing vegetables, fish, and chicken, allowing you to create nutritious meals with ease. Incorporating a steamer into your island not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of luxury to your culinary space.

Ranges/Cooktops – Strategic Placement Matters

When it comes to cooking surfaces, you have options. While some homeowners still prefer cooktops on their islands, it’s essential to consider the implications carefully. If you have young children, placing a cooktop on the island may not be the safest choice, as accidents can happen. Additionally, it can lead to messy situations during meal preparation, with sauces splattering onto those seated at the island. For safety and cleanliness, it’s often wiser to install a cooktop on the wall, ideally with a hood to efficiently vent out odors and smoke.


Embarking on the journey to design a kitchen island that seamlessly combines authentic European design with personalized luxury is truly rewarding. Discover the best appliances to include in a kitchen island to transform it into a functional and elegant space that embodies contemporary elegance and reflects your individuality. Whether you’re concealing a microwave, incorporating a sink and dishwasher combo, contemplating a trash compactor’s future, embracing healthy cooking with a steamer, or strategically placing cooktops, each decision contributes to your island’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

If you’re ready to embark on this journey and create a bespoke, story-telling kitchen island, we invite you to contact us for expert guidance and personalized solutions.