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Tips Before Renovating Your Kansas City Kitchen

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Renovating your Kansas City kitchen should be a good experience, not a frustrating one. Making sure you put sufficient thought into your renovation will influence your outcome overall.

Advanced planning not only saves you time and money but eliminates a lot of the frustration that can arise. Following some important tips before having your kitchen remodeled helps ensure a better experience.

Keep Your Kitchen’s Floor Plan in Mind

Many design experts recommend creating a floor plan that uses a work triangle consisting of your stove, refrigerator, and sink. When you’re preparing meals, everything goes much more efficiently when your appliances are closer together.

Although some kitchens veer away from focusing on these three areas, it is not as typical. When your stove, fridge, and sink are spread apart from each other, you’ll spend more time walking back and forth while preparing everything.

If your current kitchen design doesn’t allow for these areas to be close to each other, you might want to think about whether your budget allows gas and water lines to be moved. Should circumstances require other options, you will want to consider keeping these areas as close as possible.

Speaking of Appliances….

The appliances are one of the most important factors to consider when remodeling a kitchen, along with your cabinetry. Ideally, all your appliances should be the same color and brand to give everything a more polished look.

Although some might want to go for an edgier or more eclectic look by mixing finishes, this is not usually recommended. One of the most important factors in an attractive-looking kitchen is continuity, which is lost when you mix your finishes.

Don’t overlook the size of your cabinets when you’re thinking about the appliances that you want. A designer will help you select appliances that fit, but you still want a good idea of what will work in your kitchen space.

Give Your Current Lighting Some Serious Thought When Renovating Your Kansas City Kitchen

Do you often find it hard to see what you’re doing when preparing meals? Under-cabinet or task lighting can be particularly helpful if you’re interested in renovating your Kansas City kitchen and find current lighting inadequate.

If your plans include custom cabinets, this may be a good opportunity to do something about the lighting. Allowing for changes like these is a major reason that good planning is an important part of the process.

Why You Won’t Go Wrong Working With a Professional

Kitchen renovations are tasks that you should never try to handle as a DIY project. You might find yourself overwhelmed and spending more money than is necessary to get the job done.

When you opt to work with a designer from the beginning, you’re in a better position than someone who goes the DIY route. The designer can talk you through the process, so you know what is and isn’t realistic, especially for your budget.

Using a designer can help provide some balance between accepting your kitchen as it is and going for a look that is not realistic. Interior designers know how to bring things together, so your home has the look you want.

Careful planning makes all the difference in the success of your renovation. If you want a kitchen that fits functionally and aesthetically, a designer will help you get there.

Karin Ross Designs has the expertise that you need for all aspects of kitchen remodeling. Contact us today to get started with renovating your Kansas City kitchen.