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7 Kitchen Renovation Tips for First Time Homeowners

Kitchen Renovation Tips kansas city

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First-time homeowners very often buy a ‘fixer-upper’. Sometimes they inherit a home that has been loved for many years. Chances are, this home may be rather out-of-date. It can be a bit daunting for people who have never had to do renovations and hire a contractor. Often, you have no idea of where to start. Here are a few kitchen renovation tips to keep in mind.

Kitchen Renovation Tips

Renovating your kitchen is a big job. It will be messy, expensive, and take some time.

1. Understand Your Contract

Take the time to truly understand what is in your contract. You will go through it with your contractor but be sure to ask questions and know what everything means.

This includes payments, working schedule, cleanup, materials, insurance, responsibilities, and any fine print clauses they may have added. It can be very difficult to alter it once it is signed.

2. Don’t Hurry

Renovations are a huge job. You may be anxious to get it all finished but you need to take your time. Plan out everything first. Do your homework, make up your mind about what you want and where things will go.

The longer you take to plan your renovation, the more secure you will be with your decisions. If you hurry through it all, you may want to change your mind during the renovations. That will add time and money to the project.

3. Be Realistic

This is important for all aspects of your renovation. You may want big fancy appliances but they may take up too much space. Rather than splashing out for a big stove or fancy refrigerator, keep your money for things you will need.

4. Avoid Trends

One of the important kitchen renovation tips to remember is to avoid extreme trends. It can be easy to get swept up in certain color schemes or designs that everyone seems to be getting but try to avoid it. You are much better off getting something you will actually like for many years.

Besides, you want your own personality to be present in your kitchen, not what everyone else has. Your kitchen will be much nice when you choose your own style. Who wants to look like everyone else? Use your imagination.

5. Keep The Plan

Your renovations are going to cost you a lot more money and time if you start rearranging everything. Don’t move the plumbing. Even if it is old and you need to replace it, leave it where it is.

The same goes for walls and electrical outlets. Build around them. They can all be upgraded to meet the standards but leave them all where they are. Rebuilding to even move appliances can be very costly and start unforeseen problems.

6. Think Quality

Invest your money in quality materials, like cabinets, floors, and countertops. Avoid discounted items and terribly expensive ones. You want your kitchen to last a long time and function well.

Good warranties and low maintenance are going to serve you much better. You don’t want materials that are going to need replacing every year, and nothing that can’t be used every day.

7. Storage vs Space

If one of the problems in your kitchen is that it is too small, get creative with storage. It’s much cheaper and easier to get extra storage than trying to make the room bigger.

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