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Should I Install a Kitchen Island?

Should I Install a Kitchen Island

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If you have been asking yourself if you should install a kitchen island, the answer is yes. There are many benefits to having an island in your kitchen. They can be a real bonus for entertaining and your everyday life.

A kitchen island can make your kitchen look great but it also has many purposes. There are many types to choose from and there are also a wide variety of features.

Should I Install a Kitchen Island?

Whether you opt for a movable kitchen island or a stationary one, the benefits are plentiful.

More Storage Space

You can use the island to add much more storage space. Keep the items you use a lot of the ones you don’t use very often tucked inside your island. They are separate from the others, so you are not digging around looking for things.

You can use it for your garbage or recycling, and add drawers, extra cabinets, slide-out shelves, and even hidden drawers, you can add a lot of extra storage space with an island.

Extra Seating

This is perfect if your family is growing if you love to entertain, or your family just likes to have a lot of space, you can add several more seats. It can double as the kid’s table during the holidays or just a space for unexpected guests.

Who doesn’t like having a few extra seats? Installing a kitchen island can give your family the extra space they need at mealtime, or any time. Maybe it’s just a comfortable place to sit and have your morning coffee.

Install a Kitchen Island: Extra Workspace

Installing a kitchen island is the best way to get more counter space without tearing out your old ones. You can have an extra hand in the kitchen for preparing meals.

It’s also an extra space for the kids to do their homework, read, or help chop vegetables. You can use the island top to place your baking, use it to layout food while entertaining, and even use it as a wet bar.

Choices of Style and Design

If your kitchen is small or awkward, you can have the island custom-made to fit in perfectly. For smaller spaces, consider a folding extension on your kitchen island that you can fold down when not in use.

Get your kitchen island to fit into any space, it can be made to be moveable so it’s more convenient to maneuver around your kitchen, and they can be built to any shape and size that you need.

Extra Features

Besides being a great way to extend the space in your kitchen, when you install a kitchen island you can add extra features. You can add a sink, a cooktop, extra lights, garbage disposal, and so much more.

You can use it for a coffee station, have a small refrigerator placed in it for a wine fridge or just extra fridge space, and even hot or cold drawers. Again, you can customize our kitchen island to suit your every need.

Extra outlets mean the kids can hang out where you can keep an eye on them while they watch videos, or work on their devices. Extra outlets are a benefit as you can free up the clutter of appliances on your kitchen counter.

Should I Install a Kitchen Island?

The answer is always yes. A kitchen island can have so many benefits, all helping you and your kitchen function better and more easily. If you would like information about installing a kitchen island or any other type of kitchen remodeling needs, contact us here at Karin Ross Design.