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Remodeling an Old Kansas City Home? Here’s what You Need to Know

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If your home is old, or if you have just bought or inherited an older home, you will likely want to renovate it. It likely has older fixtures, plumbing, and could have old floors, walls, and ceilings.

These older homes are often well-constructed but nothing lasts forever. The home may need renovations to make it more modern but there may be other problems, as well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to renovating your older home.

Renovations on Your Older Home

There could be any number of problems that crop up while planning your renovations. Here is where you should start.

Before you start, you need to make sure your home is not designated a historical sight and make sure you have all the permits you will need. Always check with the city to make sure everything is okay to move forward.

Home Inspection

You want to get an inspection done before you start tearing things up. Get everything checked, from the roof to the floors, and the windows to the foundation.

You need to check all the plumbing, as well. It could be years old.

Repairs First

Getting the roof fixed, if needed, will be a smart move. You need to have a sturdy roof that won’t leak or collapse while renovations are going on.

Check for anything that could contain lead or asbestos, like paint, plumbing, insulation, and have them replaced.

Plumbing will be a concern, so always have it checked, all of it. It is a good idea to have them all repaired or replaced.

The heating and air condition will follow and they will need to be inspected. There may be no air conditioning at all, so if that is something you want, have it installed.

Fireplaces are common in older homes and should be inspected for damage, animals, and other blockages. They would have been used for heating back in the day, but may not have been used or cared for properly in years.

The wiring will also need to be checked out. It could be very old and falling apart. It may need to be updated to include more outlets or getting everything grounded properly.

Floors need to be checked that there is no damage, like holes or moisture damages causing wood rot. These will likely need to be ripped out and replaced. Wood floors are nice, so consider replacing them with the same.

If there are still original wooden floors, try to preserve them if you can. Plus, the baseboards around may be original and can be sanded down to their basics to show off the wood.

Windows will need to be inspected. They may have large gaps or spaces where the air is getting in and out. If there are old original panes, make sure they also don’t contain lead.

Once everything is inspected, you will know where you stand with the renovations. It will be easy to find these problems when you tear out old kitchen counters, old bathroom fixtures, and get in behind the walls.

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