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How to Choose the Right Stone Countertop for your Kitchen

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When it comes to kitchen countertops we all go crazy. The countertop is one of the most central features of any kitchen. It’s one of the most noticeable and pronounced parts of your kitchen and will be judged by neighbors, family, and friends alike. Given the significance that kitchen countertops command, it is imperative that you make the best decision when shopping for a new countertop. There is a dizzying array of colors, materials, and styles.

All of the choices can sometimes make it difficult to settle on one particular combination. Stone countertops are among the most prized varieties. Here are some tips to help you pick out the right stone countertop for your kitchen.

Stone Countertop Types

With all of the materials to choose from, the stone is one of the most desirable and for good reason. It’s durable and aesthetically intoxicating. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when designing your kitchen countertop is which type of stone to use.

Granite: granite is one of the most sought after types of stone for kitchen countertops by far. It is a natural stone that is quarried from the Earth.

Marble: some of the most beautiful kitchen counters ever designed are made of marble. There is a certain romance to a marble countertop. They evoke a feeling of decadence and splendor. If you want to create a kitchen that will impress, marble is the way to go.

Many prefer the glamor of Italian marble like Calcatta, but you should know that there are some attractive domestic options as well.

Quartz: countertops made of quartz are undeniably dazzling and are among the pleasing to the eye. You should know that quartz countertops are not constructed from quarried stone, they are formed. A quartz slab typically contains quite a bit of natural quartz in it in addition to some other minerals.

Ultimately, the decision on material will come down to which one is most visually appealing to you. Do you want a glorious kitchen bedazzled in black marble? Or do you want a more natural look with a dark granite countertop? Others still prefer the creamy quality of quartz. The choice, is yours.

What to Look for When Shopping for Stone Countertops

Regardless of which type of stone you select, you should always opt for a thick cut. Stone countertops that are thinner than three quarters of an inch are more liable to break or suffer damage at some point. Although stone is certainly a tough material, it’s not impervious to damage. If you want a kitchen countertop that will last a long time, make sure that you ask for a cut that is thicker than three quarters of an inch for maximum strength and structural integrity.

Always inspect the stone slab that you’ve selected with utmost care. Now is the time to find any potential flaws before you get any more committed to the slab and it winds up in your kitchen.

Also be sure to keep an eye on the various veining patterns on each slab. For those with an artistic eye and discerning tastes, you’ll want to make sure that the veining line up nicely with those from other slabs. You can enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen countertop by ensuring that the veining patterns from the slabs flow once they have been joined together.

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