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New Lighting Trends for Kitchen Remodels

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Gone are the days when the kitchen was considered as just a place where food was prepared. While food preparation remains as its primary purpose, today’s kitchen can be spruced with spectacular lighting and aesthetic designs, making it the heart of the home and a hot spot for a plethora of family activities. With the kitchen becoming a hub for a wide range of activities, toning it up the latest illumination trends can help you transform this space into a haven. If you are looking for new and insightful trends to light up your kitchen, here are a few of them.

Vintage Edison-Style Bulbs

The Vintage Edison-style bulbs are a retro lighting trend for homeowners that fancy the nostalgic design. The lamps come with a rounded cone shape, a model that makes them perfect for any kitchen layout. They are best suited for the retro/industrial style as they add warmth and soft beauty to various elements in the kitchen. If you want to enjoy their maximum impact, you can opt for a complete lighting system rather than using a single bulb. These bulbs create an individual comfy feel, and they come in updated designs to suit different needs.

LED Technology

The LED technology has been at the forefront of modern illumination designs. And unlike the traditional incandescent light bulbs, LEDs bring a lot of possibilities. If you are planning a perfect remodel, keep an eye on some of the forward-looking LED applications such as the flush-mount sconces, which are utilized in wall art, ultrathin chandeliers, and a whole lot of other designs that display the versatility of LED lighting. These new-age lights are efficient and last longer than halogen and fluorescent bulbs.

Illuminating All Corners

Another trend that is spreading like bushfire is lighting up all the corners in a kitchen. Gold-tone cabinet hardware is echoed and accented by gold wall sconces creating sufficient lighting that illuminates all the critical places in the kitchen. These include areas such as the stove, the sink, and all around the refrigerator. The island is illuminated by a trio of dark-shaded pendants with some alluring gold accents.

Under-counter Lighting

Lighting the spaces above and below cabinets is another trend that has hit the ground running. Using LED fixtures that are available in slim and energy-efficient designs, homeowners can highlight the countertops and accent the ceilings. The number of lighting fixtures you need depends on the cabinet layout and the number of lighting fixtures in your kitchen. You can mix up the lights to create an authentic ambiance, but make sure you don’t use too much light.

Magnificent Chandelier Pendants

Style and function play a crucial role when it comes to illuminating your kitchen. The rubbed-bronze chandeliers that are accented with crystals can complement a vintage design and provide elegant lighting of the islands. These fixtures cast sufficient light that illuminates the entire room. Chandelier pendants above the islands help anchor some intrinsic beauty and also add to the functionality. Even if you have recessed lights throughout the kitchen, you can add color and style over the islands.

Smart Technology

Although smart technology has entered into every aspect of human life, we bet you never thought it could mean so much to interior home lighting. Today, illumination is not all about light, but an experience that helps you display your lifestyle, tastes, and demands. With smart technology, you can program your kitchen illumination system to light up at a specific time and expose the various attributes in your kitchen. You can also connect the lighting system to GPS location services so that the lights turn on whenever you set your foot in the kitchen. Thanks to smart home systems as now you can design an illumination environment that showcases your personal tastes and preferences.

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