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Lighting Considerations for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Often overlooked during your kitchen remodel is lighting. Great lighting is often from several different sources, as we use our kitchens for different activities, and at different times throughout the day and evening.

Due to the amount of time we spend in our kitchens, we want different options of lighting to suit the activity and mood. That is why you need to take careful consideration when it comes to installing lighting in your new kitchen.

Lighting Considerations for Your Kitchen Remodel

When you are planning your kitchen remodel, there are three types of lighting you should think about. Ambient, Task, and Accent. Your kitchen needs lighting for purpose but also for esthetics.

Ambient Lights

Ambient light is your main source of light. This could be natural light, extra lights that add to it, or additional lights that fill in for places there aren’t any.

This light will come down from the ceiling. It should be as even as possible, to avoid shadows or glaring in certain areas. Use chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed lighting, and flush mounts.

Task Lights

Task lights are there to help you see better when you are working. They are going to be closer to the area you are working. When you are doing your kitchen remodel, you need to know where these are going to be needed.

These lights are often under your cabinets, to illuminate the countertops. These can be strip lights, puck lights, or even wall sconces. They could also be hanging lights over your table, island, or countertops.

Accent Lights

These can be smaller lights, the light in your oven hood, a small light above your sink, small lights under the lower cabinets, or over the tops of cabinets and below the ceiling.

Any of these can be put on dimmers to have control over them or have them on remotes, or controlled by an app on your phone or device. Also, think about motion-activated lights, for those late-night trips through the kitchen.

You should also consider using energy-efficient bulbs to keep your energy bill lower. They last much longer, provide excellent light, and use much less power. You can find LED lights in all varieties for whatever you have in your kitchen.

Mix it Up

When you are planning your kitchen remodel, think about using different styles, different wattages, different colored bulbs. You want the different lights to highlight certain areas of your kitchen, even when you are not in it.

The lights can really make or break your kitchen. A small kitchen can look bigger with the right lighting, and a darker kitchen will do well with the right ambient lights to make it look like natural light, even if you get very little natural sunlight.

The lights will also have an effect on the colors, materials, and all the other choices you have made for your kitchen remodel. Make those other choices stand out when you need them to with proper lighting.

Light colors will make the light bounce around. Dark colors absorb light. Smooth, shiny materials will reflect more light than textured surfaces, so they will need more light.

Lights for Your Kitchen Remodel

People often only consider function, but not how the lights will react with the rest of the room. It’s smart to install several types of lights, so you have options, the ability to set the mood, and also see clearly when you need to.

Contact Karin Ross Designs to ask about the best type of lights for your new kitchen design. They can help find the perfect lights.