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Should My Cabinets Match with My Kitchen Backsplash?

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In the world of interior design, the concept of matching everything in a room used to be the norm. People believed that cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, and even wall paint should all be uniform, often opting for an all-white look. But as time has passed and design trends have evolved, this old-school approach has given way to a more eclectic and personalized style. In this blog post, we’ll explore the idea of matching cabinets with your kitchen backsplash and why it’s time to embrace a more colorful and individualized approach.

All-White Kitchen: A Thing of the Past

Not too long ago, the all-white kitchen was the epitome of sophistication and elegance. It was the go-to choice for many homeowners, with cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes all sporting a pristine white hue. The hardwood floors typically featured a warm, reddish oak stain, adding to the monotony of the space. However, as the years have rolled by and design sensibilities have shifted, the influence of European styles has reshaped our preferences.

The Influence of European Styles

European design has brought a breath of fresh air to kitchen aesthetics. Gone are the days when an all-white kitchen was the ultimate goal. Today, if you choose white cabinets, your countertop can take on two distinct directions. You can opt for a white countertop with subtle veining, introducing some movement and character to the space. Alternatively, you might go for a darker countertop, depending on your personal tastes and the overall design vision.

The Role of the Backsplash

Now, let’s focus on the backsplash—the element that can truly elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics. In a departure from the old-school, matchy-matchy approach, your backsplash should bring color and excitement to the space. It’s the perfect canvas to inject your personality and style. Don’t shy away from bold and vibrant choices, as the backsplash is relatively easy and cost-effective to change if you ever feel the need for a refresh.

Embrace Color and Personalization

So, should your cabinets match with your kitchen backsplash? Not necessarily. It’s time to move away from the all-white kitchen and embrace a burst of color and personalization. Your backsplash can be a stunning focal point, and it doesn’t have to conform to the color scheme of your cabinets or countertops.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

When it comes to selecting a backsplash, don’t be afraid to infuse it with colors that resonate with you. It’s an opportunity to make your kitchen uniquely yours. Backsplashes typically cover a small area, usually around 30 to 40 square feet, making them an easily changeable design element. So, if you find a tile or material that truly speaks to you, go for it. Don’t let the fear of bold colors hold you back.

The Joy of Personalization

Personalizing your kitchen, including your backsplash, can bring you immense satisfaction. Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling excited to enter your kitchen because it reflects your style and preferences perfectly. The backsplash you’ve chosen, whether it’s a vibrant mosaic or a subtle pattern, should be a source of joy and inspiration.


The days of the all-white kitchen where everything had to match are behind us. It’s time to break free from that monotony and embrace color, personalization, and individuality. Your cabinets don’t have to match your kitchen backsplash anymore. Instead, focus on creating a space that makes you happy and reflects your unique style.

If you’re ready to explore the endless possibilities of designing your dream kitchen with cabinets and backsplashes that suit your taste, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you on your journey to creating bespoke, story-telling spaces that embody contemporary elegance and client individuality.