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Everything You Need to Include for Your Luxurious Kitchen Renovation

Karin Ross luxurious kitchen

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Getting your kitchen renovated is a great time to update everything and turn your old kitchen into your dream luxurious kitchen. Everyone will have certain features they want, and that is good.

You want your new kitchen to be functional, convenient, make great use of light and space, plus look great, as well. It’s also a great opportunity to update the wiring and the plumbing.

What You Need in Your Renovated Kitchen

Before you start your kitchen renovation, talk to your contractor and your interior designer for ideas, tips, and to share your ideas.

Custom Cabinets

One of the most luxurious things you can add to your new kitchen is custom-made cabinets. They not only help you organize your kitchen, but they let you personalize it, as well.

Hidden compartments, dividers, deep drawers, built-in appliances, pull-out appliances and other storage areas, layered shelves, raised cabinets, and anything else you can think of.

Custom cabinets can also help conceal cords, sockets, power bars, switches, and other things that will distract from your kitchen. Get colors, stains, materials, and accessories you want, and know you are getting quality craftsmanship.


The lighting you choose will have a big impact on the overall look of your new luxurious kitchen. It can highlight areas, bring extra light to work areas where you need it, and prove mood lighting, as well.

Lights you can control will add to the luxurious kitchen and give you choices. You want to consider the types of lighting fixtures you choose. They can make a big difference in the look of the room. Mix and match them with other accessories in the room.

Choice Materials

From reclaimed wood for the floors to marble countertops, and special tiles for the backsplash to maple for your cabinets. Choosing the right materials will make a real difference, not only in the look but how long they last.

Many people are choosing to find materials that are naturally sourced and renewable. This can affect everything from the price to your impact on the environment. Choose natural material over manufactured.

An Island

Not only is an island a luxury feature, but it’s also almost an essential item. There are many benefits to having an island, even two. It adds more workspace, for those days you need it or extra hands.

You can use it to do food prep, fix it up to have an oven, stovetop, or a grill. You can use it for extra seating, a place for the kids to do their crafts or homework, and the extra storage below.

A second island can be movable, to make your luxurious kitchen more flexible and versatile. It can be pulled in for use when preparing food when you need more seats for guests, a great place where people can mingle and access appetizers.

Smart Kitchens

Replacing all your old tired appliances with high-functioning, energy-efficient appliances is a smart move. It can also help save you money. Program the over to turn on while you are still at work, get the lights on a preset schedule, and operate everything from afar.

These items have auto-shut off, overheating alerts, energy-saving features, and also look fantastic. Streamline your luxurious kitchen with smart appliances to take more control over the kitchen.

Ask The Pros

If you are worried if your ideas will work or not, just ask the professionals at Karin Ross Design. They can show you some ideas, give you tips and suggestions for your renovation, and help you find the luxury items you need to take your kitchen to the next level.