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Elegant Kitchen Design Ideas to Incorporate During a Remodel

kitchen design ideas

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Luxury kitchens not only have high-end, aesthetically-pleasing touches but inspire kitchen design ideas to make your space more comfortable. In addition to being beautiful, luxury kitchens are also highly functional.

Read on to learn more about some of the ideas for a kitchen remodel that you will want to incorporate.

Opt for Fun Natural Features to Bring the Outdoors In

Kitchens must withstand a lot of daily use and require durable materials to help fulfill this purpose. However, that doesn’t mean your kitchen has to have an impersonal, industrial feel.

You can add natural touches that don’t detract from the home’s functionality in the least. Some examples of natural touches popular in many luxury kitchens include:

  • Ceilings with exposed wood beams
  • Granite or marble countertops
  • Backsplashes featuring tile with a natural design
  • Hardwood or laminate flooring with a hardwood design

You might also opt for a space near your windows perfect for growing houseplants. If your kitchen has a separate breakfast nook area, this can be a great spot for a bay window perfect for displaying plants.

Additional Seating is One of the Top Kitchen Design Ideas

Adding extra dining spaces is one of the top kitchen design ideas, even for homes with formal dining rooms. Two of the top ideas include adding a breakfast nook, if space allows, or adding an island with a dining ledge.

You can opt for bench-style seating against your walls in the breakfast nook to help maximize the space. One of the benefits of built-in bench seating anywhere in the kitchen is that these benches can be designed to use for extra storage space.

Islands with dining ledges are great for families who entertain larger groups and need extra seating when serving meals or drinks. You can also design your island to include a device charging area that comes in handy if you’re catching up on wok while preparing meals.

Maximize Your Space With Built-in Features

Many kitchens are low on space, but there are ways you can maximize your space by adding built-ins. Taking advantage of the increased floor space will help you get maximum enjoyment from your kitchen.

For example, if you’re low on cabinet space but don’t want to add extra cabinets, consider adding extra space under a kitchen island. Islands are easy to design in ways that allow cabinet and drawer space for storage.

Most of us need to use ovens regularly, but ranges take up a lot of space. You might want to consider having a wall oven installed if space is a little limited.

You could also opt for a built-in refrigerator to conserve your kitchen space. Having your oven and refrigerator built-in can free up a large amount of wall space.

Having pull-up trash and recycling bins installed under your counters could also give you a lot more space. Keeping these bins under the counters also reduces the risk of them getting knocked over and causing a mess.

Don’t Forget About Upscale-Looking Fixtures

It’s easy to overlook light fixtures because their purpose is largely functional, not aesthetic. However, the appearance of your fixtures plays a role in how your kitchen looks.

For example, consider fixtures for use over counters or islands to provide extra light instead of relying on a single overhead fixture. Pendant and track-style lighting can both be good options for extra light in specific areas.

Working with an experienced interior designer who does kitchens, like Karin Ross Designs, will help you bring your dream of a perfect kitchen to reality. Contact us today to get bring your kitchen design ideas to life.