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Creating a Timeless Kitchen: What You Should Include in Your Remodel

Creating a Timeless Kitchen kansas city

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When remodeling your kitchen, it can be tempting to go with what is popular, but you are far better off creating a timeless kitchen. Do you really want your kitchen to look like everyone else’s?

A timeless kitchen will almost guarantee you won’t be tired of it in a few months. Trends are fine if you don’t mind not being original, but your kitchen should reflect you, your tastes, and your own style.

Creating a Timeless Kitchen: What You Should Include in Your Remodel

Creating a timeless kitchen means having style and function that you will be happy with for years to come. There are no set standards but avoid “what’s hot” lists.

Custom-Made Cabinets

If you are doing a complete remodel, get great cabinets. Having cabinets custom-made will mean they are timeless for you and your needs. Cabinets built to fit your kitchen will be well worth the price.

You know your kitchen better than anyone, and you know what works and what doesn’t. Use that dead space, get extra storage, and let them work for you and what you need most.

Great Countertops

Splash out on your countertops and backsplash. These are what you use all the time and going with quality material will ensure they last for years. Find something that is easy to maintain and looks great.

Opting for something less expensive might seem like a good idea, but you may end up replacing it a few years down the road. Get a great-looking and acting countertop that you will love for many years.

Lighting Options

When replacing the lighting when you are creating a timeless kitchen, you need a few options.

Accent Lights for highlighting areas of the kitchen not covered by other light sources. These could be floor lighting, sconces, or light strips.

Task lighting is often for areas where you work the most. These can be under cabinet lights, overhead lights for an island, puck lights, or a small light over the sink.

General lighting is your main light. Don’t be afraid to get some great lighting covers. As these can be easily changed, why not have some fun with them?

Mix and Match

You can mix old with new, different shapes of cabinet handles, several textures, and variations of colors. Don’t go too overboard with color, as it can get tiresome soon.

Smaller accessories can be changed out so feel free to go a bit wild with smaller items, and even lights and paint. Mixing elements will make the kitchen seem more loved and lived in.

Go For Quality

Spend your budget where it counts. Get good quality materials, appliances, and custom-built cabinets and storage. Good quality material for your floors and counters will last for many years to come and never go out of fashion.

Make sure you have plenty of space, as well. Don’t get too carried away with things that you forget you need to move around and work in your kitchen. For smaller spaces, consider a moveable island.

Creating a Timeless Kitchen

Just because it looks good in the magazine doesn’t mean it is meant for you and your new kitchen. Creating a timeless kitchen should combine styles and materials that have already proven themselves over the years.

You can follow this link for more ideas or schedule a consultation for more information. If you have some ideas of what your timeless kitchen should look like, let us know and we can work with you to get that perfect kitchen.