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Common Kitchen Cabinet Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

kitchen cabinet mistakes

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When you are remodeling, the last thing you want to do is make kitchen cabinet mistakes, including design errors, choosing the wrong color, and more. If you have never remodeled a kitchen, making these mistakes is natural. However, if you have more information, you are less likely to make mistakes while choosing and installing kitchen cabinets.

Overlooking Kitchen Cabinet Handles And Knobs

When it comes to installing kitchen cabinets, one mistake most homeowners make is to overlook the handles and knobs. Although these details are the last to be included in a cabinet installation project, they are just as important!

Choosing a proper handle or knob offers an entirely elevated quality to the entire room. At Karin Ross Designs, our team scrutinizes small details like handles and knobs on kitchen cabinets. Therefore, you can trust our team to choose the colors and designs that best match your cabinets’ style and color.

Investing In Quality Materials And Designs: Common Kitchen Cabinet Mistakes

While it may be enticing to save money on an expensive kitchen remodel by purchasing cheaper kitchen cabinets, it is a big mistake that many homeowners make. The cabinets are usually one of the most expensive aspects of a kitchen remodel. And it is important to ensure you invest in quality materials.

How Do You Know If Kitchen Cabinets Are High Quality?

Testing the interior hardware is one of the easiest ways to indicate whether your kitchen cabinets are high quality. For example, analyze whether or not the cabinets and drawers open and close properly. Further, check to see if the cabinets have some weight to them, as they should not feel flimsy.

Selecting real wood cabinets is better than composite materials because they last longer and can endure more wear and tear. It is also advisable to choose kitchen cabinets from a trustworthy company. Fortunately, our team at Karin Ross Designs has several years of experience, so we know which kitchen cabinet companies are best and only use products from trustworthy, quality suppliers.

Kitchen Cabinet Mistakes: Not Considering The Backsplash

One mistake homeowners usually make when purchasing new kitchen cabinets is failing to consider the color schemes of their backsplash and walls. If you are remodeling your entire kitchen and plan on repainting the walls and putting in a new backsplash, it is best to choose kitchen cabinets after these decisions are made.

Remember, you want your entire kitchen to follow a similar color pattern and design scheme. Therefore, choosing a kitchen cabinet color that matches the rest of your kitchen is important. If you are unsure which color schemes pair best, that is what our team at Karin Ross Designs is here for! We offer several design options, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your preferences.

Do Kitchen Cabinets Impact My Home’s Property Value?

Put simply, yes, the color of kitchen cabinets can impact your home’s resale value, especially if you want to sell your home soon. When remodeling a kitchen for resale purposes, it is best to think about what potential buyers want. For instance, neutral colors like gray, brown, and cream are a favorite amongst several buyers.

Then, you can add a pop of color to the room through accessories, showcasing how versatile and unique the kitchen can be. However, if you do not plan on selling your home while conducting a kitchen remodel, you do not need to worry about the color choice. Instead, you can pick the color you like best rather than considering potential buyers.

Is It Time To Remodel Your Kitchen?

As you have seen, there are several factors that impact your kitchen. And there are numerous common mistakes homeowners make while choosing kitchen cabinets. Failing to consider small details like handles and knobs on kitchen cabinets can play a bigger factor than you may realize. Additionally, investing in higher-quality materials is always worth the higher price tag.

Making mistakes while picking out kitchen cabinets is avoidable when you have the proper assistance. If you are ready to remodel your kitchen but do not want to make any kitchen cabinet mistakes, contact our team at Karin Ross Designs today to get started with a free consultation!