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How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet Color

kitchen cabinet color

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Choosing the right kitchen cabinet color adds to your kitchen’s overall appearance. From classic traditional designs to more modern looks, your cabinets will help set your whole kitchen’s tone.

Knowing how to choose the right color will make your kitchen one of the best spots in the house. Using the right designer will help you make the best decision about your cabinets.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colors Based on Kitchen Style, Size, and Lighting

Kitchens with more traditional designs often look best with classic white and cream shades. You might also want to consider stains that help highlight the natural grains.

However, modern kitchens, particularly those with melamine cabinets, look best with bolder tones. Bright yellow, deep red, or dark blue tones are perfect offsets for these modern looks.

Always consider the size of your kitchen regardless of the colors you choose. Muted, lighter colors work well with natural light to make small kitchens look bigger. Some examples of ideal muted colors include white, cream, sage green, or butter yellow.

Larger kitchens, particularly those with islands, look good with virtually any color. The larger space will help offset any effects that would otherwise diminish the appearance of your space.

Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Color That Goes Well With Your Backsplash and Walls

When you’re selecting a kitchen cabinet color, you’ll do your best to consider the complete picture overall. This principle applies equally to single neutral color schemes like all-white contrasting themes like slate blue and concrete.

Think carefully about whether your desired color will look good with your current backsplash and walls. Kitchen designers aren’t afraid to experiment with different looks, and you might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

You’ll want to make sure your cabinet choices go well with your walls, unless you intend to change your wall color. If you use pale grey, cream, or another neutral shade, you won’t have problems matching your colors. If you have a unique anchor element, such as epoxy wood tables or countertops, you’ll want to make sure that your cabinet colors match support element such as these.

The amount of wall space visible in your kitchen could determine what type of color choice you make. If your cabinets have neutral colors, you might want to go for a brighter shade on your walls, like lime green or lemon yellow.

What Type of Mood Do You Want to Set in Your Kitchen?

Are you looking for a kitchen that sets you apart as a culinary genius? Or is your kitchen mostly a gathering place for family and friends?

Because your kitchen cabinets take up so much space, they will be a major driving force. The colors you choose are a reflection of your personality.

Bold colors with more modern finishes are popular in many chef’s kitchens. Kitchens that serve as gathering places look great with traditional wood tones.

Will Your Cabinet Color Choices Affect Your Resale Value?

If you’re unlikely to sell your home, you don’t have to give the impact of resale value much thought. However, if you will be selling in the near future, you’ll need to consider what prospective buyers want.

Neutral colors like gray, cream, or brown work well with many buyers. If you opt for natural tones, consider adding a little color with the use of accessories.

Making choices about kitchen cabinet colors doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you keep the most important factors highlighted in mind, you’ll be able to make better choices.

Working with a designer makes it much easier to choose the best options for your kitchen. At Karin Ross Designs, we know how to help you make the best kitchen cabinet choices. Contact us today to learn more about your kitchen cabinet color options today.