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Choosing New Appliances for Your Kansas City Kitchen Renovation

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Planning your Kansas City kitchen renovation can be an exciting time. Picking new colors, floors, cabinets, and appliances. If you have an older kitchen, chances are appliances have moved ahead rather significantly in the past ten years or so.

You have choices of color, style, sizes, and even smart appliances. But that doesn’t mean you should fall for gimmicks that simply up the price but don’t provide much use to you.

Choosing New Appliances for Your Kansas City Kitchen Renovation

For many of us, having our kitchen renovated means new appliances. Nice countertops and cabinets are great, but it’s the appliances we use the most. You are going to find a lot of them that you really like, so make your decisions based on need and size.

Make a List

Thinking about your old alliances, what is it about them you would like to change? What are the functions or aspects you like or dislike the most. Keep these things in mind when you are looking at your new appliances.

Do you want your kitchen to look sleeker? Take a look at panel-ready appliances. Your fridge and dishwasher can be almost invisible when they blend into the rest of the renovated kitchen.

You can pick the type of panel front you want, so that is a bonus, assuming the appliances you want have the option of coming panel-ready. Talk to your contractor about this, as they are the ones who will be installing them.

Measure Them and the Space

Never assume the appliances are going to fit. They may fit in in their designated space but not through your doorways. It is always important to measure everything when you are planning your Kansas City kitchen renovation, but people often forget about appliances.

Many older appliances are smaller than the ones available today. Also, bigger is not always better. Different features on appliances make them much more efficient.


Appliances are not going to be cheap, but they are built to last you a long time. As always, the most expensive ones are not going to be the best. Look for style, color, and functions that you really want and see what is available within your set budget.

There are energy-saving features that are quite standard on my new appliances, so make sure they are not considered an ‘extra’ feature. Low water usage with dishwashers, refrigerators with hot and cold beverage servers, and ovens with convection options built-in.


Extras on appliances can be a good idea when it comes to warranties, return options, and the parts that are meant to protect you if something goes wrong with your new appliances.

Your Kansas City kitchen renovation is a big job, it will cost a decent amount of money, so you don’t want to be on the hook for expensive appliances that don’t work.

Make sure you also ask about repairs, replacement parts, and whether they can be repaired locally. If you need parts or repairs and you can’t get them locally, then the price of them just went up considerably.

Picking Appliances for Your Kansa City Kitchen Renovation

Once you have a good idea of what you want, talk to your contractor and the designer for advice. They can help guide you towards appliances in your budget with the staples and features you want.

Contact Karin Ross Designs if you are having trouble making up your mind or where to start. They can help you with every step of the way with your kitchen renovations to make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams.