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5 Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Consider

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We use our kitchens a lot, so the kitchen lighting we choose is important. We use our kitchens to work, to eat, to talk, to entertain, and we do this every day. Our kitchens are the heart of our home and they should reflect that.

You need different lights for different activities. That means you need to consider several lighting options for your kitchen, as you don’t want just one stark light overhead for everything you do.

5 Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Consider

What you choose should reflect your style, your lifestyle, and what will suit your own needs best.

1. Track Lighting

Track lighting is popular for kitchens and other rooms, as well. The best part of track lighting is you can have a lot of options with just one track. You can have one track of lights or a few.

You can choose different wattages of bulbs for each space, point the lights in different directions, and have them on dimmers and switches so you don’t need to have them all on at once.

They are easy to install and one track works well for several different areas. If you have the room, put in more than one to help light the more awkward areas of your kitchen.

2. Overhead Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights are a glamorous touch. You could even use a chandelier for your kitchen lighting. Pendant lights are a great idea over the table, over your island, or in a row across the darkest part of the kitchen.

Have them on dimmers so you can control them and if they are programmed, you can choose which one to turn on. Ideal for work areas, dining areas, food prep, or more.

3. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are great for kitchen lighting. They take up no room and fit smoothly in the ceiling. With smart lighting, you can choose various colors and dimmers for the lights to create any type of mood you like.

LED bulbs will last for years and because they are adjustable, they make great kitchen lighting. Leave one on for when you come home late, program it to come on in the morning, or shut off the last thing at night.

4. Under-Cabinet Lights

Small, delicate lights that are placed underneath your cabinets, either at the counter or floor level are a great idea for your kitchen. They are perfect task lights for when you are working and make great nightlights when you’re not.

They are available in various types, like tubes, pucks, LED, and strips. They are a great addition to any kitchen, as they are very versatile and you can have them installed inside your cabinets, as well, if you have glass fronts on your cabinets.

5. Accent Lighting

These are great for a darker area of the kitchen that may be hard to light. There are lights that can be fitted over the top of the cabinets, mounted on the wall, like sconces, under the cabinets, and even inside pantries and drawers.

Small lights in dark corners or over appliances can make a dark area seem brighter and bigger. Find small sconces that match your decor and have them on a dimmer.

Kitchen Lighting

Technology has made it easier for kitchen lighting to be anything it wants to be. Smart lighting and LED lights, plus more designs to suit any style means you can have perfect lighting in your kitchen.

For more information or a free consultation on what lights would work best in your kitchen, please contact us here at Karin Ross Designs.