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Here Are Seven Simple Ways an Interior Designer Will Liven Up Your Home

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When it comes to one’s home and the inside of it, people typically have an ideal vision of what they want it to look like. With this, it’s also important to consider how to make the house and each piece inside of it functional for all members living in it and how to complete this task in an affordable way. Managing all of this while making the home aesthetically appealing can be challenging; this is where interior designers come into play. One does not necessarily have to find the best and most expensive interior designer in Kansas City to begin decorating their dream home. There are a plethora of incredibly skilled and attainable designers in the city that can help add to the existing beauty of the inside of one’s home, and they can do it in a number of interesting ways.

First of all, after researching/contacting some of the most gifted interior designers in the area and meeting with them to discuss a vision, the designer will lay out a plan to enhance the house with their client and return with materials and suggestions to accomplish it. A simple starting place would be the main living area that guests will first see when entering the home. Since those who work in home interior design emphasize creating a functional and effective space instead of just making it look nice, the positioning of furniture is vital. For instance, if a homeowner had a couch and just placed it anywhere in their living room without ideas of how to make it function in the space, an interior designer could suggest moving it to a location where the television is visible from each seat on the couch. They could make sure it fits in with other elements of the room like windows, picture frames, rugs, and bookshelves. Additionally, the designer may suggest having the couch be partially or entirely facing the front door so when visitors enter, the room gives off an inviting and welcoming feel, with the décor and color schemes that will come later in the interior decoration process being noticeable as well. After big pieces of furniture like this are settled, the second step would be moving other pieces around that suit it and highlight it like pillows, blankets, artwork, and lamps. That way, the whole room comes together.

Next, lighting is a key part of interior design to tackle early on in order to brighten up a home. Aside from the main light sources in the house, an interior decorator will likely try to utilize both natural and artificial light in various areas of the house. Windows and other open areas will be used as much as possible, and then lamps or chandeliers may accent the house in ways that one may not think of taking advantage of on their own. After lighting, a fourth and crucial way to liven up a home is to establish a color scheme. Aside from just the color of the walls, the overall feel of the room can affect one’s mood and the perception of the space. A talented designer in the area would know that if a client wants a simple room with subtle yellow accents to brighten it up, having a neutral wall color and adding decorative yellow pillows, rugs, or curtains can create this concept.

Two more ways interior designers can enhance a living space are to figure out how to personalize a home and make it appropriate for families. Since Kansas City is well known for its jazz heritage and barbeques, many clients could enjoy music or get-togethers with family and friends. Adding purposeful pieces and accessories to the home, like space around a piano or record player and an efficiently sized table/bar near the kitchen with chairs and stools, would allow for family and friends to socialize, celebrate, and eat together. 

Finally, interior designers will add the finishing touches and use what the client already has to bring it all together in innovative ways. Adding an old and re-furnished frame that was not in use to hold a family photo or a modern piece of artwork could be the final, affordable addition to the living room that a family never knew they needed. Putting all of these steps and ideas together could turn the inside of an average house into a functional, beautiful space with a whole new feel to it.