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What are the Best Flooring Options for Your Bathroom?

best flooring options

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The best flooring options are important for your bathroom because of this room’s overall importance. Your bathroom will be one of the most important rooms, regardless of whether you’re reselling your home or remaining in it for a long time.

When you select flooring for your bathroom, water resistance is one of the most important factors. However, you’ll benefit from keeping all the most important factors in mind.

What Difference Do Water-Resistant or Waterproof Flooring Options Make?

One of the most important things to know is that water-resistant and waterproof flooring differ somewhat. When flooring is water-resistant, the flooring can resist water, which will eventually cause damage.

For example, bathrooms are an example of rooms that must have water-resistant flooring. However, water-resistant flooring often contains inner core materials that swell or warp when wet.

Waterproof materials, on the other hand, are impervious to water, even standing water. These types of materials are also good for resisting mildew and mold.

Waterproof options are generally best. Water-resistant materials are vulnerable enough to moisture damage that they will require eventual replacement.

What Are the Best Flooring Options You Should Select for Your Bathroom?

The best flooring options to use in your bathroom are waterproof. Harder surfaces are always better than softer surfaces because there is less water absorption.

A logical choice for bathrooms, which is the most popular, is ceramic tile. Tile is economical, waterproof, and comes in enough different styles to match any trend.

Tile can feel cold underfoot on chilly days. However, it is one of the most sterile floor surfaces because it resists mildew and mold due to its waterproof nature.

One of the other downsides of tile is that it can be slippery underfoot. However, if you opt for textured tile, you’ll have more traction underfoot.

Vinyl is another popular waterproof material that is also quite affordable. One of vinyl’s advantages is that it features multiple different styles to look like tile, stone, or wood.

Vinyl is more affordable than stone and wood. In addition to being affordable, vinyl also resists scratches and comes in more style options.

Hardwood still maintains great popularity as a flooring material. Some newer hardwood materials feature special treatments to increase their waterproofing properties.

Which Flooring Options Are Worst for a Bathroom?

Some flooring options are poor choices for bathrooms. Despite their flaws, many bathrooms feature these materials, and if present, are best being replaced with different materials.

Many people enjoy carpeting for its soft feeling and style variety. However, it is a generally bad choice for bathrooms.

Carpet absorbs a lot of water, often staying wet for hours or days. Wet carpeting can also attract mildew and mold, making it an unsanitary choice.

Laminate flooring is only good in a bathroom if it is fully sealed. If not, you might have to think about water getting into the inner layers, which might not be waterproof or water-resistant.

Are You Ready to Get Going With Your Flooring?

One thing to keep in mind is that your bathroom can be a good place to experiment with different styles. If your bathroom is smaller, you might be able to fit in some luxury flooring because there will not be as much new flooring required in a smaller space.

Choosing the flooring for your bathroom can be an exciting task. There are so many options that you never have to feel limited by any means.

Karin Ross Designs knows how to handle flooring for any room in your home, including bathrooms. Contact us today to learn more about the best flooring options to consider for your bathroom.