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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Flooring

replace your flooring

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How do you know when it is time to replace your flooring in your kitchen or bathroom? Flooring replacements can get expensive, especially if you have a large area. So you do not want to do this project prematurely. Fortunately, we will present the most obvious signs that indicate whether or not you should replace the flooring in your kitchen or bathroom.

Damage From Continuous Use

Flooring is prone to damage because you have to walk on it almost every day. Therefore, it is natural to observe a few cracks and stains on a floor if it has been in your house for several years. However, if your floors have multiple large cracks or stubborn stains, replacing your floors is wise.

Large, deep cracks in a kitchen or bathroom floor can lead to water damage and even pest infestation (primarily termites). And stains are not only an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful kitchen or bathroom, but they can also cause rotting and other structural issues.

Floors That Are Water Damaged

Similar to damage from continuous use is water damage. Old kitchen and bathroom floors are more susceptible to water damage, which can cause leaks, mold growth, and other potentially dangerous damages.

So, if your home has endured some type of water damage recently, you may need to look into replacing your kitchen or bathroom floors.

Replace Your Flooring If It Is Noisy

Although you may not expect it, noisy flooring can actually be one of the first signs of flooring damage and therefore indicate it is time to replace it. Several details cause creaking and squeaking floorboards. While you may just find this annoying, it can be a sign of a deeper issue.

Some creaks and squeaks are caused by something simple like a loose nail and simple flooring repairs. However, if your floors are older, these noises can be caused by the following:

  • Improper installation
  • Settling in your home’s foundation
  • Sub-floor damage

As you can see, noisy flooring can be a much more serious issue than you may initially realize. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a team of professionals like our team at Karin Ross Designs to observe the area before making a big decision, like flooring replacements.

Flooring Is Discolored

Another sign it is time to get new kitchen or bathroom floors is if the surface is discolored. Discoloration is especially prevalent in vinyl and hardwood flooring, but it can occur with ceramic tiles as well.

At the first sign of discoloration, it is best to try to deep clean the area. If the issue is just on the surface, a deep clean should fix the area and leave it looking new again. However, if the discoloration runs deeper, the situation could be more serious.

For instance, mildew and mold can discolor flooring, which can lead to health issues and must be handled as soon as possible. While mold and mildew are more commonly found in bathroom flooring because the surface is damp more often, this can occur in kitchens as well.

Outdated Flooring Style

Replacing flooring because it is outdated is another valid reason to update your kitchen or bathroom floors. While this reason is not as serious as mold growth or structural damage, it can help your home feel more like you!

So, if you feel your kitchen or bathroom floors are clashing with your cabinets and counters, looking at alternative styles is a good idea.

Is It Time To Replace Your Flooring?

There are several signs that indicate when it is time to get new bathroom or kitchen flooring. Factors like intense discoloration, large cracks, and noisy floorboards are signs your flooring needs to be replaced. And if your floors experience any sort of mold or mildew growth, you must look into replacing them immediately.

Our team at Karin Ross Designs specializes in replacing old kitchen and bathroom floors and installing elegant, timeless styles you will love. So, if it is time to replace your flooring in your bathroom or kitchen and you want design help from a team of professionals, contact us at Karin Ross Designs today!