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Why Installing Quartz Countertops is a Wise Decision

installing quartz countertops

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Homeowners have many good reasons for considering installing quartz countertops. Appearance and durability are two of the main reasons that quartz is popular countertop material.

Quartz is sometimes called engineered stone, created from ground quartz and colorants using high pressure and heat. Read on to learn more about the advantages of this countertop material.

Quartz Countertops Provide a Lot of Variety

Quartz countertops have more color and design variety because they are manufactured. High-quality quartz countertops can be difficult to tell apart from marble, granite, and other types of natural stone.

Quartz can also incorporate other materials to give your countertop the right look. Metallic flecks are popular, as are pieces of recycled glass.

You Have Low Maintenance Concerns When Installing Quartz Countertops

When installing quartz countertops, one of the greatest assurances that you have is to have a homogeneous material. These countertops will be fairly uniform in size, eliminating the chances of defects that come with some types of stone that can cause weakening.

Another advantage of using quartz from a maintenance perspective is that quartz is non-porous. Because these countertops won’t absorb water as easily, there is no need for them to be sealed.

Quartz is one of the more sanitary countertop materials, being easy to clean. Because the material is non-porous, it also doesn’t provide an environment that makes it easy for bacteria, dirt, mold, and other contaminants to thrive.

If you’re looking for scratch-resistant material, quartz might be what you need. Quartz has almost twice the scratch resistance of granite.

Quartz is Easier to Work with from a Design Perspective

One of the downsides of using marble or granite is that with all slabs being different, the samples you see might not match the finished product. If you opt for these natural stone types, you could end up with something very different from what you had in mind.

The quartz sample tiles that your designer shows you, on the other hand, are true representations of what you’ll have. You won’t have any surprises in the form of a countertop that looks totally different from what you wanted.

If You’re Watching Costs, Quartz is a Good Option

Quartz is a reasonable alternative to granite and marble in terms of cost. You’ll enjoy a superior quality compared to lesser materials like laminate as well.

The complexity of the job will be a factor, even with quartz coating less than some other options. However, many would consider the superior appearance worth the cost.

Are There Any Downsides to Using Quartz?

For all its benefits, quartz has a couple of disadvantages you will want to think about. Although these downsides should not be a reason to disregard quartz as an option, they are important to keep in mind when you consider your usage.

Quartz is one of the least heat-resistant materials, making this material unlikely to withstand hot pots and pans being placed on it. If you use quartz as a bathroom countertop material, you’ll need to be careful about hot hair appliances as well.

Another consideration is that quartz comes in a standard size of 65.5” wide and 132” long, requiring seams to attach two slabs for oversized surfaces. Other types of stone have no size limits, so you will want to weigh the benefits carefully before making your choice.

When you weigh the pros, as well as the cons of using quartz, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about your counter space overall. Your budget, as well as your lifestyle needs, are among some of the most important considerations.

Karin Ross Designs helps with all aspects of interior design, including installing quartz countertops, so you’ll want to contact us for all your needs.