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Why a New Bathroom Should be at the Top of Your Christmas List

A New Bathroom Should be at the Top of Your Christmas List kansas city

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If you are struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift, how about a new bathroom? Everyone will benefit from a new bathroom, and it is something you all will enjoy for many years.

A few simple renovations can bring your bathroom back to this century. If you need plumbing upgrades, why not do the whole bathroom? Get those features you have always wanted.

Why a New Bathroom Should be at the Top of Your Christmas List

A new bathroom can make such a big difference. Whether you need a few upgrades, or you need to overhaul the entire room, it’s a great investment for your home.

Add More Space

Take advantage of your bathroom renovation by adding more storage or more space, or both. Perhaps you can open it up a bit more, add some more cabinet space, or add a window.

Older homes and older bathrooms tend to be small, dark, and cramped. Get in and open it up. You can get more storage under the sink, up high on the wall, or move a wall back.

Everyone can always use more space. If you can make it bigger or add some hidden cabinets for storage, you gain storage without losing any space in the bathroom.

A New Bathroom Should be at the Top of Your Christmas List: Better for The Environment

Switch out your old plumbing and fixtures for those that are more energy-efficient. They use less water, less energy, and are very cost-effective. You can get low-flush toilets, better functioning showerheads, and fix your old plumbing.

You can even get the lighting changed out. Old harsh lights don’t belong in the bathroom. Get LED lights, get a few different kinds, and get them in different places, rather than that one harsh light over the sink.

From Function to Fantastic

You can make your new bathroom the oasis you have always dreamed of. A large soaker tub, great lighting, heated floors, and peaceful surroundings. Get out those horrible old fixtures.

Beautiful floors and a heated towel rack can make your bathroom a dream room. There are plenty of ideas you can try without breaking the bank. Great wallpaper alone makes a big improvement.

A New Bathroom Should be at the Top of Your Christmas List: Increase Value of Your Home

A tired old bathroom is a turn-off for potential buyers. Even if you are not thinking about selling right now, a new bathroom adds so much to your home’s value.

If you are thinking about selling, bathrooms and kitchens are big selling points. If a buyer sees your new bathroom, they know you have invested and taken care to have a beautiful and modern bathroom.

Increase Comfort and Safety

Once the plumbing and electricity start to go, that means everything needs to be upgraded. Why risk shock or electrocution with faulty wiring around faulty plumbing?

A great new tub, bigger shower stall, better flooring, improved lighting, and new features all add to the comfort and safety of your new bathroom. If you need safety upgrades, get them soon.

Your New Bathroom

Treating yourself and your family to a new bathroom has many benefits. You want your bathroom to be a beautiful place where you can go and relax and forget about the day.

New features, more space, better lighting, and new safety features will make your new bathroom more luxurious. Why not make it the place you can relax and unwind?

If you have some great ideas to share or you need some help deciding, follow this link or contact us directly here at Karin Ross Designs. We can help you realize your dream bathroom.