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4 Must-Have Upgrades to Your Master Bathroom

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Looking for upgrades for your master bathroom? That will depend on your own personal needs. But a few renovations can make your new master bathroom the star of the house.

Our bathrooms get used a lot. They should be functional, comfortable, and personal. You need to plan out what your new bathroom needs to become the space you need it to be.

4 Must-Have Upgrades to Your Master Bathroom

Older bathrooms just don’t cut it any longer. If your outdated bathroom is in need of upgrades, here are a few you can consider.

1. Storage Solutions

Everyone can use more storage space. One of the best upgrades to your master bathroom is better storage. Built-in cabinets, pull-out drawers or baskets, and storage spaces above and below other pieces that allow it.

You can add walk-in closets, cubbies inside the shower stall, and above and below vanities. Using an antique piece of furniture for storage can add a nice touch, as well.

If you can make the room bigger, then expand the space. That way you can upgrade the way you want to and add much more storage. Even taking out a wall and moving back a few feet will give you many more options.

2. Separate Bath and Shower

Not only does this free up space while you are getting ready for work or bed, but it also makes the master bathroom look better. It will also increase the value of your home.

Also, consider a bigger tub. A tub for two can make for a lovely addition when you and your partner just want to relax together at the end of the day. Even for those days you want to take a relaxing bath on your own, a larger tub is a touch of luxury.

3. Improved Lighting

While natural lighting is always preferred, it isn’t always an option. If you can install a window, that would make a big difference. It allows for better lighting and fresh air.

You can add lights to the walls, under the cabinets, and on the ceiling. Giving yourself a few options on what type of lighting you want during your day sets a mood, helps you work, and can allow more safety for nighttime visits.

People opt for sconces on the walls around the mirror and even a chandelier for the ceiling to give the entire room a feeling of regal importance. Various lighting options are a great and easy upgrade for your master bathroom.

4. Upgrade Surfaces

Walls, floors, and countertops can all be upgrades in your master bathroom. When it comes to tiles, choose wisely. These will last for many years so choose materials that will last, that you like, and that requires low maintenance.

Mixing and matching tiles and counters can make the master bathroom look much bigger than it is. Choose lighter colors for smaller spaces, and mix and match the size and colors of the tiles.

You can use smaller tiles for a shower floor, larger tiles on the floor and the walls. Using the same types of tiles for the walls and the floor gives the room a flow and brings everything together.

Upgrades to Your Master Bathroom

When you are considering upgrades to your master bathroom, think customized. That way, you can get exactly the bathroom you want and need. For more information contact us here at Karin Ross Designs.

We can take your ideas and make them a reality. Don’t settle for a master bathroom that doesn’t suit your needs. A custom-designed bathroom will function the way you need it to.