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How to Tie Everything Together for Your Kansas City Bathroom Renovation

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You may find everything a bit overwhelming when you start your Kansas City bathroom renovation. That’s why you need to take the time to find the right designer, the right contractor, and make decisions about what you want.

You want your bathroom to look great and reflect you and your personality. Our bathrooms are used a lot, so they should not only look great, but they need to be functional.

How to Tie Everything Together for Your Kansas City Bathroom Renovation

There is a lot more to renovating your bathroom than picking out your favorite colors, although that is important, too.

Have a Plan

This should include your budget and what you want to do with it. There is no point in getting your hopes up when you won’t be able to afford all the items you want.

You can work with your designer and contractor on this, as they will have some great ideas and have more knowledge of what certain materials and items will cost.

Think Quality

Ideally, what you want are materials that will last. When it comes to tiles for the shower, walls, and floors. These can be pricey items so make sure you find the ones that are durable and are low maintenance.

Also, keep these in a fairly neutral color. Just because you love a certain color doesn’t mean it will work in a bathroom. Plus, it can become annoying after a while and something you come to regret.

Choose materials and accessories that will last. They don’t have to be expensive but you want to be able to decorate around them. Painting is much easier and cheaper than tearing up your floors.


Try to use colors that are fairly easy to match up with other colors. As mentioned, painting is much easier than having to tear out your bright green bathtub.

Use pale shades, neutral colors, and whites and off-whites for your Kansas City bathroom renovations. That way, if you change your mind down the road, it won’t require a lot of work. Towels, mats, curtains, and other accessories are easy to change.

Think Lighting

Lighting is one of the biggest overlooked aspects of bathroom renovation. You should consider more than one source, and you should always opt for energy-efficient lighting.

Lights on a dimmer work very well in the bathroom, as you use it for so many different things. Lights close to the mirror for grooming needs, and other soft lights for calming baths or early mornings.

Don’t Forget Great Storage

Always take into consideration where you want to store your bathroom items. Storage areas can be creative, part of the furniture, add to the decor, or completely out of sight.

Drawers, layered shelves, closets, under the vanity, there are many options available and you will be happy that you did. You don’t need all your linens and supplies out on display.

Bathing and Showering

A luxury shower or bathtub, or both is just what your bathroom needs to bring it all together. They can be beautiful and functional. Showers can have the same tiles as the rest of the room, or tiles with accents to highlight certain aspects.

A big beautiful tub is also a great asset to any bathroom. It can add a touch of class to whatever style or design you have chosen.

Kansas City Bathroom Renovations

There is no reason our bathrooms can’t be beautiful. We spend a lot of time in them, so it should be a pleasure to enter. Contact Karin Ross Design for more.