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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Lighting For Your Home

best bathroom lighting

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When you are about to remodel your bathroom, one factor you must consider is finding the best bathroom lighting. But how do you know which type of lighting is best? There are a few factors and things to think about when selecting bathroom lighting. Naturally, it is best to think about these details before proceeding with a remodeling project so your bathroom follows the same theme.

Finding The Best Bathroom Lighting: Consider The Room’s Purpose

One factor to consider when searching for the best lighting fixtures for your bathroom is the room’s purpose. Remember, you use your bathroom to start your day, apply makeup, take showers, and probably relax after a long day.

Therefore, you want to seek out lighting fixtures that provide true and warm light colors that produce a safe lighting layout. So, there should not be any accidental shadows or bright spots, as this can be unpleasant to the eye.

Essentially, you need lighting fixtures that ensure equal light distribution throughout the entire room. Typically, bathroom lighting refrains from using fluorescent lighting, as this can be harsh on the eyes and skin.

The Best Bathroom Lighting Matches Your Home’s Design

Another detail that many homeowners fail to consider when choosing bathroom lighting is that they should consider their home’s design or overall theme. For instance, if the rest of your house has a modern theme, you would want your bathroom to match.

Therefore, comparing modern light fixtures is the best decision in this case. Ensuring the theme of your bathroom matches the rest of your house gives it a nice flow. Also, the bathroom’s theme and design should not seem like it was randomly chosen.

What Bathroom Designs Are Popular In Kansas City?

If you are ready to completely re-design your bathroom, you may be wondering which designs are most popular in the Kansas City area. You have several options to choose from, so you are likely to find one that matches your style and preference!

Wood-Look Tiles For Uniqueness

For homes with a more rustic feel, wood is a common look that adds a sense of uniqueness to the room. In bathrooms, a great way to achieve this rustic feel is by using tiles that have a wood-like appearance.

Another thing that is great about this look is that you can combine it with modern looks. Of course, wood-like tiles are not actually made of wood, as they would warp when faced with moisture.

Consider Cool Or Muted Colors

Another popular trend we have seen in Kansas City luxury bathroom designs is cool or muted colors. While white used to be the reigning color in bathrooms, homeowners are now choosing to have a more colorful design scheme.

For example, some of the most common cool and muted colors include grey, green, and blue. These colors are so popular because they give the room a relaxing, refreshing feel, which is ideal for bathrooms.

Consider The Moisture Ratings When Choosing Bathroom Lighting

One of the most important details to consider when choosing bathroom light fixtures is the moisture rating. Some homeowners forget when choosing light fixtures that bathrooms endure a lot of moisture.

The electrical wiring in bathrooms is shielded against the room’s moisture levels to ensure a longer life expectancy of the light fixtures. When choosing light fixtures, you should look for products that can handle “damp” or “wet” areas. However, if your bathroom has excellent ventilation, you may be able to use light fixtures designed for “dry” areas.

Are You Ready To Remodel Your Bathroom?

There are several factors to consider when choosing light fixtures for your bathroom. You must take note of your home’s theme and what mood you want your bathroom to set. Additionally, you should consider how you use your bathroom, as lighting can significantly help or hurt your daily routines.

Thinking about choosing the right light fixtures for your bathroom can seem overwhelming because there are so many options available. Fortunately, you have a team of experts with years of experience designing luxury bathrooms! So contact us today at Karin Ross Designs; we will help you choose the best bathroom lighting and more for your remodeling project!