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How to Pick the Right Luxury Bathroom Tile When Remodeling

luxury bathroom tile

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Selecting the right luxury bathroom tile can seem like an overwhelming task. Besides the colors, how do you decide what materials and shapes to use or know if your preferences are even practical?

The good thing to know is that all you need to do is follow a few tips to make the right choice. You’ll be able to sit back and relax, knowing that you’ve made the right selections for your tile.

Think About Your Budget and How Much Tile You Need

Having a budget or monetary range you want to stay within before you start planning your renovation is helpful. Setting a budget helps you avoid allocating too much on tiles that won’t fulfill your needs for the project.

Figuring out how many tiles you’ll require will help you select the right type. If you need to tile a tub or shower surround, you’ll need to take how well the tiles fit into the surround into account.

Keep an Open Mind About Luxury Bathroom Tile Options

One of the best things about choosing luxury bathroom tile is the broad range of options you have available. You can choose more than one style and more than one type if this is what suits your needs better or if you’re trying to stick with a special bathroom trend.

Ceramic, for example, is an excellent budget option. You can easily impress everyone using a combination of white or neutral-colored tiles coupled with accent tiles for a backsplash.

Glass is a perfect choice for accent tiles because of how eye-catching this material can be. Sea-green and lighter blue shades are perfect choices for colors when you opt to use glass.

If you’re looking for an option that is water-resistant, porcelain is a great material to consider. This tile looks great for floor and wall areas, easily withstanding all your demands.

Natural stone, including marble, helps give bathrooms a more soothing, relaxing atmosphere overall. Worth noting, however, is that natural stone is more expensive, requires sealing, and is also likely to crack or chip.

Quartz has many color and texture options that make it perfect for bathroom counters and backsplashes. However, this non-porous material is not the best choice for floors.

Use Accent Tile to Your Advantage

Designing your bathroom around an accent tile is a great way to go. Even if you have a relatively small area with accent tile, this spot can add a lot of vibrancy to your bathroom.

White or neutral tones are often best for the majority of your bathroom. Tiles in these colors often come in unique textures, like aged concrete, or have grain or wood finishes.

Dark colors are best avoided in small bathrooms because they make the space look smaller. Larger bathrooms, on the other hand, often look good with darker tiles.

Use Popular Layouts for the Tile

There are many layout patterns that work well with traditional shapes like rectangles or squares. These include:

  • Herringbone, also known as basketweave, works best in a similar color to the primary shade used in most of the bathroom
  • Running Bond, a traditional style that looks good in either parallel or perpendicular patterns
  • Stacked, another traditional style that uses perpendicular lines to arrange the tiles

Selecting bathroom tile is a task that can be challenging while being exciting at the same time. The good thing is that this is a task you don’t have to do on your own without any guidance.

An interior designer like Karin Ross Designs can help you with the entire bathroom remodeling process. Contact us today to get help selecting your luxury bathroom tile.