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Trends to Consider when Remodeling your Master Bathroom

Trends to Consider when Remodeling your Master Bathroom

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The bathroom is everyone’s area of transformation, and since it serves such an important purpose, it should rank high when you consider remodeling. Most default designs by home sellers and renters have plain and stark designs and colors, supposedly to give a sterile or sanitary appearance. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but this gives an impersonal feel, even unpleasantly reminding some of us of hospitals.

You can rework your master bathroom in many styles depending on your preferences, choosing moods from rejuvenating to soothing and everything in-between. Whatever your pick, you should consider applying some of these attractive trends to turn it into a better place to wash away the stress of the day.

Open Showers

This doesn’t mean having showers without barriers, but rather it describes their plan and appearance. Open showers have clear doors often made of glass. For those concerned about privacy, these doors mist up once the hot shower starts running. Open showers give the impression of more space in the bathroom and also allow for some modifications, such as adding a tub or a bench.

Trends to Consider when Remodeling your Master Bathroom: Asymmetrical Mirrors

Mirrors are often basic shapes, but for a more personalized look, go for odd-shaped mirrors, something that glass cutters would gladly do for you. They literally add a new perspective, reflecting sections of the bathroom in ways plain shaped mirrors cannot. Add a frame to the mirrors’ edges to up personalization and better incorporate it into the mood or theme you’re going for in your bathroom.

His and Hers Master Bathroom Sinks

For a couple who wants to have a custom grooming area in their bathroom, they can install two sinks with each fitted to the user’s preferences. They come in a variety of designs, from a single extended sink to two similar (but not matching) separate sinks. That way, if you have a messy partner, you can still get ready for the day together without sharing the mess!

Trends to Consider when Remodeling your Master Bathroom: Fix In a Free Standing Tub

Another popular trend is free-standing tubs. These tubs are not enclosed within walls or behind curtains, but rather -as the name implies- stand free from restriction. The floor the tubs stand on can easily be set up to have a drain for any overflow. They come in a variety of colors and designs that greatly add visual appeal and impact while accentuating the style you’re remodeling into.

Heated Floors for Happy Feet

Nobody really enjoys stepping out from a hot shower or warm tub soak to step onto a cold floor.  Thanks to a heated floor, you will not have to worry about this, since the floor will be nice and cozy, maintaining the state of comfort you were looking for before taking the bath. The heating system can be customized to be operated from a wall-mounted thermostat, or automated to set specifications to warm up at certain times, a great feature for smart homes.

Trends to Consider when Remodeling your Master Bathroom: Remodel with Bold Bathroom Tiles

Most standard bathroom tiles are drab and dull in appearance, as well as being smooth and pose a risk of slipping. Diversify your tiles by switching them out with some that have rough or rugged textures -eliminating the slipping risk, while adding vibrant color to the entire bathroom.

Remodeling your bathroom can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know the right people to call in the industry (interior designers, plumbers). However, it doesn’t have to be. Have a look at what we do, and reach out to us and we’ll get to work with you on remodeling your bathroom to make it a great space to change gears and spruce yourself up.