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How Can I Prepare My Home For A Bathroom Remodel?

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A bathroom remodel is an eventual fact of life for many homeowners. A project of this scope can increase your home’s value, as well as allow you and your designer to be creative.

However, a remodeling project for your bathroom is always a major undertaking. Taking the time to make some preparations is a great way to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Think Carefully About What You Want from Bathroom Renovation

A little bit of research will help you make better decisions in the long run. The research will help you decide what styles and designs you want, as well as your projected costs.

Another advantage of doing research is having a better idea of how long each project stage will take. You’ll want to make sure all the project timeframes are reasonable for your needs.

Itemizing each part of the project and adding the costs will give you an idea of your budget. You’ll also want to plan for unexpected costs that could come up.

Find Bathroom Remodel Inspiration Ideas

There are many bathroom remodel sources you can check for ideas. Using multiple sources will increase your chances of finding the perfect design for your needs.

Working with a designer is one way to learn more about the finer details, from color choices to what measurements you need to work with. If you have an idea about a bathroom design that’s not feasible, a designer can guide you to a better option for your needs.

One thing you may want to consider is whether you want eco-friendly options for your bathroom. Choosing any green options during your initial planning will help you decide whether these options work well with your budget.

Your material choices should also be made during this time. Although the cost of higher-end materials might seem daunting, you won’t have to think about your fixtures, flooring, or other items being replaced nearly as often.

Check Your Measurements and the Fixtures You Have

Double and triple-checking your measurements is an essential part of having your project go as smoothly as possible. Even though your designer will make sure everything fits, you want to make sure your plans are realistic just the same.

You’ll also want to make sure your existing infrastructure can support any fixture changes. Otherwise, you’ll have to plan for reconfiguration, which can increase your costs.

Making sure you have backup plans in case anything goes wrong is also a good idea. The last thing you or your designer need is to have to start over from the beginning.

Think About the Logistics of Your Remodel

One of the things you’ll need to do is restrict how many people are in and out of the bathroom during your remodel. Consider moving as many items to another bathroom as possible.

You’ll also need to think about what items will be removed and how you’ll compensate for their temporary absence. Sinks, bathtubs, and toilets will require using another bathroom.

Removal of tiles and other flooring might make the bathroom unsafe to use. Children, especially, should be kept out of these areas for their safety.

If lighting fixtures are removed, you might consider using temporary fluorescent lights or floor lamps in their place. You should check with your designer to make sure these temporary solutions will be non-disruptive.

Although there is a lot to keep in mind with a bathroom remodeling project, it can be one of the smartest decisions you’ll make. The more you plan everything out before you begin, the fewer problems you’ll encounter in the long run.

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