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Best Color Combinations For Your Kansas City Bathroom Renovation⁣

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When you’re having a Kansas City bathroom renovation⁣ done, you’ll want to give some careful attention to your colors. Regardless of whether you want a modern, cool look or warm earthy look, there are plenty of excellent choices to consider.

Read on to learn more about what colors to pick when remodeling your bathroom.

What Are Some Cool, Modern Color Combinations That Work Well?

Sage green with white offers greater depth in a more subtle way, especially in bathrooms that have or will include a skylight. This combination offers a bit of color while softening the white, making it perfect for bathrooms with a more nature-based design that incorporates places for plants.

Slate blue and white is a nice combination for a relaxing look. If you opt to have your bathroom remodeled into a spa bathroom, copper and brass finish hardware help you pull this look off perfectly.

What Earthy Color Combinations Are Good for a Kansas City Bathroom Renovation⁣?

Dove gray and wheat berry against a white background, with deep red berry touches, provides an understated look for your Kansas City bathroom renovation⁣. Your designer can help you decide how to best use these elements in eye-catching ways.

Blush is a soft tone that works beautifully for cabinets, walls, and flooring alike. When planning how to remodel your bathroom with your designer, you might want to discover how brass fixtures might fit in with this theme.

Charcoal and green might not sound like colors that work well together, but when used as a contrast to white in the vanity area, these colors can provide a dramatic look. One of the effects of this combination is a unique, contemporary look.

How Can More Dramatic Color Combinations Be Used in Your Bathroom?

Using bold colors like marigold, orange, scarlet, and teal can bring a dramatic look to your bathroom, largely reminiscent of a field of wildflowers. Working with your designer to find ways to use these colors layered on your walls is one of the best ways to put these colors to work.

Gold and red are beautiful shades that blend together well, especially in flooring. Southwestern designs have increased in popularity in recent years, with bold colors being an important part of these designs.

Some homeowners opt for shades with strong contrast, like orange and blue. When used along with a lot of white, you can have a bathroom with a bold, fresh look.

How Do You Decide What Colors to Use in Your Bathroom?

One of the most important considerations is to use colors that you enjoy and are unlikely to get sick of. Most people spend enough time in their bathrooms that they will enjoy the space more with the colors they enjoy.

Providing some contrast by using the lightest shade in most of the room while minimizing the boldest color will help keep the effects of your colors from being too overwhelming. Your designer should be able to show you some portfolio examples to get a better idea of how to use these colors.

Thinking about how you might decide to incorporate patterns can help you offset some of the effects of neutral colors. Tile with dramatic textures is a great way to add some character to your bathroom.

Don’t forget to keep the rest of your home in mind when looking for inspiration. For example, an accent color in your living room might work well as a primary color for your bathroom.

Karin Ross Designs can guide you through the entire Kansas City bathroom renovation⁣ process from start to finish; contact us today to learn more.