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What Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Bathroom Remodeler

Kansas City Bathroom Remodeler

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A Kansas City bathroom remodeler is one of the most important people you will work with when your bathroom needs a facelift. Asking questions is a vital part of the process, however, many homeowners decline to ask questions or ask the right ones.

With bathroom remodels costing thousands of dollars, you don’t want to have the contractor fail you. The good news is that there are some questions to ask that can give you a better idea of whether the contractor is right for the job.

Read on to learn more about what questions are important for you to ask the bathroom specialist. Listening to the answers carefully is important for making the right decision.

Ask If They Use Sub-Contractors and Their Licensure

Although it might sound as though using sub-contractors is a good idea, in reality, a company using sub-contractors isn’t a good thing. For one thing, companies lack the control over subcontractors that they have over their employees. Anyone involved with bathroom remodeling should have a Master status that subcontractors typically lack.

Licensure is also of crucial importance when you’re looking for a contractor to use. One of the hazards of using a contractor without licensing is having no recourse if something goes wrong. In addition to licensing, companies performing this work should be insured.

What Kinds of References Does the Kansas City Bathroom Remodeler Have?

A Kansas City bathroom remodeler should always have legitimate references that can attest to their quality. If the contractor has a large number of references, this is always a good sign. Following up with the references your contractor provides is always a good idea.

Checking out the Better Business Bureau rating can also give you a good idea of customer satisfaction. Although no business has to have a BBB rating, customers can still leave reviews on the website. One thing to look for is whether the company gives a professional impression when addressing complaints.

Also, consider asking whether the company has received special awards recognition for their work. If they enjoy a good reputation among their peers, this is a positive sign. When you ask about references and any achievements, pay attention to the overall “feel” that you get from the interaction.

Learn About Any Guarantees Offered and Promised Quality

One of the ways that remodeling professionals stand by their work is by offering guarantees. A professional should be willing to provide 100% of your money back if you’re not pleased. These guarantees should be in writing, not merely by oral agreement.

You should also have a clear idea of who to contact if anything is unsatisfactory. Although most remodelers go out of their way to provide quality work, problems can still happen. When you know who to contact, you have a better chance of a satisfactory resolution.

Asking about the quality of materials the remodeler uses is important, as well as whether they favor cutting corners. A common assumption is that remodelers who cut corners never admit to it. However, some will admit to using cheaper materials to cut costs, a practice that most homeowners don’t favor.

Kansas City Bathroom Remodeler: Always Ask About What’s is Included in Any Quote

When you get a quote from a contractor, it’s good to know what’s included. Getting an itemized list is always best and makes it easy to compare the prices you’ve received from other providers. If you’re not sure exactly what’s included, you’ll benefit from asking for clarification.

If possible, ask for some photos of similar remodels to what you are looking for in your project. Even if it seems like what you’re seeking is rather complicated, there is a good chance a provider has done something similar. Contact Karin Ross Designs today for your Kansas City bathroom remodeler needs.