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kansas city showers

So far most of all bathroom related trends for 2018 are set to help the small bathroom spaces and convert them in more functional and beautiful spaces.

However when it comes to showers there is nothing small to consider, actually the bigger the better.

For 2018 we will try to give you the biggest possible showers for your space, your showers will be “dressed” with one solid surface that will prevent any leaks and keep you away from hours of maintenance.

Kansas City Showers for Bathroom Remodels

Lets talk about some options:

  1. Onyx showers – With over 50 colors to choose from, onyx has got you covered from white to dark grey. If you are nostalgic of beige and browns, don’t worry Onyx collection does offer those colors as well. The Onyx collection systems are usually made of a shower base plus a panel for each wall you have in your shower. Onyx is a man made product that guarantees to keep you away from leaks as is very sturdy and well made product. Created to satisfy people that need easy maintenance, cheaper than tile showers solutions, Onyx offers low profile shower bases so that you can age with it. You can add a caddy or a corner seat for a complete package, Onyx collection is by far more reliable then any acrylic shower systems out there. Ask our team to help you spice up your onyx shower with some small tile accent inserts…
  2. Large panel showers – For the fans of the one piece showers, here we have large ceramic, marble or quartz panels for your shower walls. Depending of your budget you may select the different products however keep in mind that hose panels no matter if they are ceramic, marble or quartz they are more expensive then the regular tile showers, with the quartz been the most expensive surface. Of course having a quartz shower offers so many different benefits like the fact that you have won’t to worry about any mold in your shower as Cambria quartz is a nonporous surface but those showers are definitely another layer of luxury.
  3. Tile showers- the bigger the tiles are the better. With that in mind you will notice the use of 12 x 24 tiles and the new 24 x 24 tiles. Expect much more textures and colors but the marble look will stay strong in 2018.
  4. Champagne or black fixtures. Goodbye venetian bronze in our new 2018 showers! Hello black fixtures. Yes, you read me correctly. Black color is in and looks fabulous with the marble looks. Created to stand out strongly the black adds that extra touch of novelty that works well with modern or traditional looks. For beige/ brown fans your new color is the rebirth of brass under the champagne name which is basically brass with added pink hue in it.
  5. New shower doors from frameless to steel framed shower doors, all works as long as it has black hardware. Don’t know how strong the steel framed shower doors will be yet however the frameless shower doors with 3/8” glass have proven themself. You can do just a solid glass panel without a door where you can experience the entire meaning of a walk-in shower but be ready to splash some water outside of your shower. Nothing wrong with that if you plan your new master bathroom remodel to be inspired by the classic European bathroom design but otherwise you may find the splashing annoying after several uses.
  6. Aromatherapy showers- very customizable build to serve clients depending on their individual likes. Made to top all expectations of layers of luxury those showers are your maximum spa experience. Incorporated to work well with any Delta massage systems or with Mr Steam the aromatherapy components are improving with technology and they keep adding new fragrances. Total must if you love to shower for long time.
  7. Those are the trends but lets don’t forget the basics. Don’t allow for just anybody to do your shower. A good waterproofing system for your shower base and walls is absolutely necessary! Don’t let them tell you that having the purple or green boards in enough to prevent any leaks! Call Karin Ross Designs for a second opinion if you are worried about your shower!