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kansas city bathtubs

Freestanding tubs are considered to be a part of the top layer of luxury.
The freestanding tubs create a spa like experience and they are much smaller then most drop in Whirlpool tubs.

Kansas City Bathtubs & Free Standing Tubs

Today freestanding tubs are a must as they help designers and contractors in creating a more open feel in smaller master bathrooms giving the client an advantage of enjoying their bubble baths without sacrificing too much of their bathroom square feet.
The best faucets are the freestanding faucet that helps finish the clean and modern touch in your new bathroom.
However depending of the style of tub you select we will help you determine which tub and faucet is the right one for your bathroom look.
The average price point on freestanding tubs is approx $2500 which will bring you a good quality freestanding tub that will have a good warranty and will bring you joy for years to come.
The most popular tubs are the acrylic ones, however in 2018 we will see the come back of cast iron tubs but in the shape of freestanding tubs.