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Color Selection

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organic design color selection

Many people understand that the design of their home can effect their mood.

This is simply because they either feel comfortable or uncomfortable based on their tastes. What many may not realize is that the space can have much more of an impact on their lives.

Color Selection for Your Kansas City Remodel

Correct color choices can change their mood for the better (or for worst if done incorrectly). Studies have shown certain colors have positive subconscious effects that lead to better mood, higher productivity and can lead to more social interaction.

However, some colors can lower productivity, leave someone feeling lonely or depressed, lead to anxiety and other illnesses.

Of course each person may react differently to a particular color palette. We feel it is important to make note of how you feel in certain spaces and the colors used in those spaces.

This will help guide you in the color choices you make in your new project.

For 2018 organic is coming into our color selection mood.

Gray is still a winner, however we will see more warm grey shades.

Pastel Greens, ocean blues, dark chocolaty brown and beechy pink are top players when it comes to bathroom colors.

Of course those colors can be achieved with small accessorize if you don’t see yourself painting your bathroom walls beechy pink.

In kitchens we will see off whites but also much darker grey combination for stronger dramatic effects.

Also in kitchens the richer dark brown cabinets are making a come back which you can pair so well with travertine subway tiles for an “old school” feel.