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What Considerations are there Before Installing New Kitchen Cabinets?

New Kitchen Cabinets

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Are you ready for some new kitchen cabinets? We’ve seen so many examples of how they can really transform the style and feel of your kitchen. Many of our clients love this upgrade when they want an affordable way to beautify their homes.

Here’s what you need to know about cabinet installation projects.

The Installation Process for New Kitchen Cabinets

The raw installation itself isn’t too difficult if you select basic cabinets, and know how to mount them appropriately. If you’re not handy with a drill, need help to select the right ones, or want a whole kitchen makeover, you’re best off consulting a professional interior design firm.

We follow a pretty simple design process. It involves four steps:

  1. Design your perfect kitchen to match all your needs
  2. Plan and select the colors and materials needed
  3. Install everything
  4. Enjoy the finished results!

How much does it cost to replace cabinets? This is a tough question to answer with a black-and-white answer. That’s because it depends on the size of your kitchen, which style you select, and whether you do other auxiliary tasks with it. The project could range from $2,000 to $10,000. Spatially, this usually comes out to $160 to $380 per linear square foot.

Gorgeous Styles for New Kitchen Cabinets

You have many diverse options for cabinet materials nowadays. Many homeowners elect to use oak, maple, hickory, veneer, and plywood designs to forge beautiful cabinets.

Then we can get into different design schemes, which, of course, would need to coordinate with the rest of your kitchen. One of the most popular themes is Shaker Style cabinets. It’s a simple, clean, and beautiful mixture of horizontal and vertical rails and stiles. Another great minimalistic option is slab cabinet doors.

Other Kansas City homes have Beadboard cabinets with traditional grooved panels. Glass-front cabinets offer the convenience of seeing what’s in each cabinet without having to open a bunch of them first. These are just a sample of the voluminous pallet of cabinetry choices you have in modern home design.

Other Great Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Cabinets aren’t the only way to shore up a boring kitchen. We have an entire list of terrific kitchen remodeling ideas for your Kansas City home. These are some of the other projects to consider:

  • Fixtures
    How do your kitchen sink and other fixtures look? If they’re deteriorating or look bland, consider upgrading them for a reasonable cost. Gold, bronze, and chrome are all pretty popular fixture finish in Kansas City right now.
  • Other Shelves & Storage
    We always hear from exasperated clients desperately seeking to find more storage space. It really pays to take the time to re-haul your storage spaces and eliminate all that clutter that’s ruining your kitchen atmosphere.
  • Countertops
    It’s important to compliment your cabinets with good countertops. Here, you need something durable to handle the inevitable battle with grease, water, spilled food, and everything else. Thankfully, there are many quartz and granite styles that look wonderful.
  • Range Hoods
    Yes, this often forgotten kitchen stove component consumes lots of space in your kitchen. You might as well make it match the rest of it. It’s not too complicated, either. Range hoods come in plenty of wood, black, and metal styles.

Karin Ross Designs: The Best Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City

Kitchen cabinet remodeling is one of our favorite remodeling projects. Not only that, but it’s one of those things our clients love most. You can verify that claim by skimming through our many positive testimonials on Google Reviews.

Our services are available to almost anybody in the Kansas City area, ranging from Overland Park, Prairie Village, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, and more. Our handy work has received critical review and praise from many media outlets like Dwell Magazine and KCH&G Magazine.

If you’re excited about getting new kitchen cabinets, contact us soon to help you get that project moving.