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Tips to Clean Your Refaced Kitchen Cabinets

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Cooking isn’t always a clean activity. In many cases, those cabinets you recently had refaced are going to need to be cleaned. The good news is, the process of cleaning your refaced cabinets is just as simple as cleaning your old cabinets was. In fact, regardless of if your refaced cabinets are laminated, stained or lacquered, they may offer a finish that actually make them easier to clean.

When it is time for you to decide on the right cleaning solution for your cabinets, you need to always keep the finish in mind. If your cabinets are bare wood or have flat paint on the surface, then they are going to be more sensitive to the cleaning methods you use and more prone to damage. If this is your situation, then choose a gentle cleaning solution or one that is chemical free to help prevent the damage.

If you have cabinets that are lacquered or that has a high-glass paint finish, they are going to be more durable, which means you can use a stronger cleaning solution. Some of the most common solutions to use for cleaning your cabinets are listed here.

Hot Water and a Sponge

If the stain on the cabinets is fresh, then you probably won’t need any type of cleaner. You can simply soak a sponge in hot water and remove any dirt or grime. This is an extremely safe cleaning method, and since you aren’t using chemicals, you can use it on any refaced surface you have.

All you have to do is soak your sponge in the hot water, wring out the excess and then wipe your cabinets down. If the stains won’t come off, then you can use a scrubbing pad to help loosen them. Once your cabinets are clean, then dry them and use a wood wax for a nicer finish.

Regular Dish Soap

If you are cleaning grease from the surface of your cabinets, you can use dish soap to help cut through it. Just a few drops added to your bucket of hot water is going to create the amount of soap you need. After the surface is cleaned, you should wipe down the cabinets using a clean, wet towel, and then dry them off. This will help to prevent the soap from drying and causing damage or stains to the surfaces of your refaced cabinets.

Cleaning Agents    

For refaced cabinets that have a more durable finish, cleaning agents can be used. However, be careful, there are some that can strip the cleaner away. If you want a homemade cleaner, you can make your own using a mix of one-part water and two parts vinegar.

If you have invested in refaced cabinets, then it is a good idea for you to learn the proper way to keep them clean. Doing so will pay off and ensure that your cabinets continue looking great, even if you aren’t the cleanest cook.