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Tips for Picking Paint & Stain Colors for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

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For you to bring your dream kitchen to life, you ought to get all the things right, including the color scheme. The color in your kitchen helps to create harmony and accentuate various elements in your space. However, with the infinite tones, hues, and shades in the market, the process of choosing the best color for your kitchen can be daunting. If you are stuck on deciding what paint color suits your kitchen remodeling project the most, here are some insightful tips to get you started.

Consider Other Elements in Your Kitchen Such as Cabinets

If you don’t have an idea of the kind of paint you’ll use in your kitchen, looking at other elements such as the cabinets can be inspiring. Since they are usually considered to be the focal point of the kitchen, cabinets provide an excellent opportunity for you to know the perfect hues to use in your space. Therefore, you must take time to examine the undertones of your cabinets and select a color that aligns well with them. Generally, small spaces look fantastic with light colors such as white or soft gray.

Focus on The Bigger Picture

While you may want to give your kitchen the best look, it is essential to remember that it is a part of the bigger home. As such, you shouldn’t add colors just for the sake. You need to consider other things in the house. For instance, if your home has an open floor plan, your living room and kitchen may be visible from every angle. Therefore, the color pattern you select should flow seamlessly from the living room to the kitchen. Conversely, if your living area adorns a modern design, it would make no sense to stain or paint your kitchen with a color that brings an old-fashioned feel.

You’ll Never Go Wrong with Neutral Colors

Before you proceed to make significant color decisions, start by trying out some of the neutral colors you like. Since most neutral hues are timeless and can rhyme well with other elements in the kitchen, they make a perfect starting point if you are stuck. For example, using tan or white color on the walls can blend well with your accessories, and it won’t distract other colors in the kitchen. If you are all about the bold touches, you should save them for window treatments, kitchen accessories, and wall hangings. For instance, if you love jungle green, you can use it on chair cushions instead of painting cabinets green.

Consider Lighting

Another essential element that can help you choose the best color for your kitchen is illumination. Seek to understand how much light gets into your kitchen either naturally through the windows or lighting fixtures. If your kitchen is always bright, you can go for darker tones. However, if there is no enough light in your space, lighter tones can help reflect the light and add more brightness.

Unlock Your Creativity with Backsplashes and Paint Colors

While cabinets and countertops are considered to be reasonably necessary accessories that come with predetermined colors, you can let your creativity flow freely when it comes to painting color and backsplash. Try painting the wall with an intensity that makes you smile when you walk into the room, and when it comes to the backsplash, you can unleash your creative side and come up with something authentic. Since cabinets cover most parts of the walls, you need to use a paint that is a little brighter to help anchor the elements in the entire room.

Test Out Paint Samples

Although you may feel a pinch for spending some extra dollars to buy samples, they can save a lot in the future. While you may firmly believe that a given color is the best for your renovation project, it may take a whole new personality when it is painted on a wall. Therefore, before you settle for a given color, you need to see how it looks on a wall and how it reacts to changes in illumination, flooring, and cabinets.

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