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Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet Color

best kitchen cabinet color

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How do you choose the best kitchen cabinet color when you are remodeling your kitchen? Whether or not you realize it, numerous factors can impact which cabinet color you should choose for your kitchen. At Karin Ross Designs, our team uses the following factors to determine which color is the best fit for your kitchen cabinets.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Based On Style

One factor to consider when selecting a color for your kitchen cabinets is the style of the room. For instance, traditional kitchen designs feature cabinets with classic white and cream color schemes. Most designers choose stains that highlight the natural wood grains with traditional kitchen styles.

On the other hand, if you have a modern kitchen design, cabinets with bold tones are a better decision. These colors include dark red, deep blue, and bright yellow tones that offset modern kitchen designs.

Choosing Cabinet Colors Based On The Kitchen’s Size

Another factor people fail to consider is the kitchen’s size. Believe it or not, kitchen cabinet colors can make the room look bigger or smaller, depending on the color.

For example, muted, lighter tones showcase a room’s natural light and, therefore, can make smaller kitchens appear bigger than they are. Our favorite muted colors include white, cream, butter yellow, and sage green.

In comparison, larger kitchens with an island will look good with any color cabinet. Further, the more space a kitchen has allows you to offset effects that would otherwise make the space appear smaller.

Find Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Match Wall Colors

It is critical to select a cabinet color that matches the color of your kitchen’s walls and backsplash. One of the hardest aspects of remodeling a kitchen homeowners face is considering the big picture. That said, you want to think carefully about the color of your kitchen’s walls and other features before choosing a cabinet color scheme.

Still, if you are unsure what colors work best with one another, hiring our team of experts at Karin Ross Designs is an excellent idea! Our team has years of experience designing luxury kitchens. And we can provide you with several examples of color schemes that would work best for your kitchen, whether you are looking for a modern, classic, or other design.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Depends On The Mood

It may seem obvious, but many homeowners fail to consider the mood they want their kitchen to project. When choosing a kitchen cabinet color, the vibe is an integral piece of information to consider.

For example, do you want a kitchen that stands out from everyone else’s? Or do you desire a modern-themed kitchen with clean lines and neutral colors? Honing in on the mood you want your kitchen to portray is one of the first pieces of information you should think about.

Does The Color Of My Kitchen Cabinets Impact Property Value?

If you want to sell your home in the near future, a kitchen renovation can add significant value to the resale price of your home. So, you may be wondering whether the color of kitchen cabinets impacts the price of your home. Put shortly, yes; the color can impact resale value and the likelihood of someone purchasing your home.

Neutral cabinet colors and modern kitchen designs are popular amongst new homeowners, so it is wise to follow trending themes. For instance, cabinet colors like gray, brown, and cream are well-liked among home buyers.

Fortunately, our team at Karin Ross Designs specializes in trending kitchen and bathroom themes and always designs spaces that are elegant, modern, and eye-catching!

Are You Ready To Renovate Your Kitchen?

Kitchen cabinet colors are a big piece of renovating a kitchen. Oftentimes, it is one of the first things people notice about a kitchen. Therefore, it is important to consider many things before choosing a color for your kitchen cabinets.

Factors like the wall colors, kitchen size, style, and overall mood are details that can help you choose the proper color for your kitchen cabinets. So, if you are ready to find the best kitchen cabinet color for your renovation, contact our team of professionals at Karin Ross Designs right away; we are experts at redesigning kitchens!