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The Pros and Cons of Popular Kitchen Cabinet Materials

popular kitchen cabinet materials

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It’s important to consider popular kitchen cabinet materials if you’re planning on having your kitchen renovated. This decision is not one to be taken lightly, with your budget, color scheme, and kitchen style all being important factors.

You’ll be able to make a better decision by considering the benefits of the options available. A designer may be able to help you use two or more materials to maximum benefit.

Solid Wood as a Kitchen Cabinet Choice

Wood is a classic choice that has a timeless style. You don’t need to worry about wood itself going out of style as a material.

Some of the most popular wood choices offer a variety of colors:

  • Bamboo
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Knotty pine
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Walnut

Wood cabinets are relatively durable, long-lasting, and wear-resistant. If wood gets scratched, the damage is fairly easy to repair.

One of the best things about wood is its ability to be customized. For example, you can pick the doors of your choice to go with your cabinetry.

Wood, however, is one of the more expensive materials. Warping and cracking are also possible when wood is exposed to humidity, and wood also requires a lot of maintenance.

Why Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) is One of the Popular Kitchen Cabinet Materials

When you consider the popular kitchen cabinet materials, medium-density fiberbord (MDF) will usually make this list. The flexible styling is one reason you’ll want to consider this material during the planning process.

MDF is easy to paint, letting you change the look around whenever you want. This material is also easy to craft into different shapes and sizes for a unique look.

Also worth noting is that MDF has a smooth, even grain that many find desirable. This grain quality is due to the small wood particles that have been mixed with resin and wax.

If MDF gets chipped, sanding is not possible, so the damage will be more obvious. Another downside is that this material cannot withstand high heat.

How Well Does High-Pressure Laminate Stand Out as a Cabinet Material?

High-pressure laminate (HPL) consists of multiple layers, setting it apart from many other similar materials. HPL is more resistant to pressure, chips, and scratches.

The selection of colors and finishes that HPLs come is is fairly extensive. You don’t need to think about sacrificing your favorite color choices to use this material.

No finishing or staining is necessary to help preserve HPL cabinetry. You can clean HPL cabinets easily because of its construction.

HPL is one of the more expensive materials. However, many would consider the durability to outweigh the higher upfront costs.

What About Wood Veneer for Cabinets?

Veneer contains actual wood, which gives it a natural appearance. If you prefer a more rustic-looking kitchen but want to avoid the high costs of solid wood, veneer is a good option. ‘

Wood veneer is a durable material, though slightly less so than solid wood. This material is more resistant to warping than many other kinds.

You can easily wipe down veneer with a damp cloth whenever something gets spilled. If veneer gets scratched, the scratch is easy to buff out for a more even appearance.

Making Your Cabinet Material Choices

Choosing your kitchen cabinets will be one of the most exciting parts of the renovation process. The good thing is that you’ll have plenty of help if you work with a designer.

When you decide to work with Karin Ross Designs, you’ll work with a designer with extensive kitchen remodeling experience. Contact us today to learn more about selecting from popular kitchen cabinet materials.