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Should I Stay or Go During My Home Renovation? Find Out Here

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Having your home renovated is a busy time. It means lots of mess, lots of strangers in the home, and lots of upset and confusion. If you are having a big job done, you may be considering whether you should stay put or get out until the work is completed.

There are pros and cons to staying in your home during the renovations. A lot of will depend on your budget and circumstances. Here are a few reasons why you should stay and why you shouldn’t.

Pros and Cons of Staying Home for Renovations

Much will depend on if you can afford to pay for alternative accommodations, how big the job is, and how long it will take.

Pros for Staying

If you are planning on staying at home during renovations is and it is feasible, then you shouldn’t worry. You may work from home in an area where there is no one to bother you or everyone is gone during the day, so you still can use the home when everyone is gone.

  • Save money on hotels or other accommodations
  • You can keep an eye on the work
  • It is less disruptive than moving the entire family
  • It’s hard to move the kids and the pets
  • Less worry about what is going on

It might be a bit awkward but if you can still access a bathroom and be able to either use your BBQ or still prepare meals, then you might be a bit inconvenienced but it might work out alright.

Cons of Staying

Some cons of staying at home might vary in different situations.

  • It’s a mess
  • You can’t use the kitchen or bathroom
  • There will be noise, dust, workers, and debris everywhere
  • It’s all very stressful
  • You may be farther from work
  • You will have no privacy during working hours
  • Hard on young kids
  • Certain dirt or materials can agitate allergies and other health-related issues

Making it Work

If the job is going to take a long time, you may want to consider leaving, at least for parts of it. Until you are able to at least use your own bathroom, life will be very difficult, indeed.

Consider staying with family or even renting a BnB. This can help you try to maintain a somewhat normal life. If you have a camper or have access to one, you could live at home in the back yard.

That would allow you to stay close and still have easy access to the home for clothes and still be out of the way. Staying close to home might be more preferable, or just getting away might be more suitable.

Depending on the weather, you could use your BBQ in the back and find activities to do with the kids if they are not in school. Perhaps the kids can go stay with Grandma while mom and dad suffer it out at home.

You need to be realistic about the situation. You don’t want to be underfoot of the workers and delay the work or make matters worse. Some people need to be in control all the time, so if that is you, you should stay somewhere else.

If you have any questions about your next renovation job, please contact Karin Ross Designs. We can let you know how long the job will take and if you will be able to stay or if you will be more comfortable staying someplace else.

Call us today for an appointment and we will be happy to answer all your questions.