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Selling Your Home this Spring? Why You Should Renovate Your Kitchen First

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If you are considering selling your home, you may be wondering if you should renovate your kitchen. Renovations anywhere can certainly increase your chances of getting what you want and make a faster sale.

Nice kitchens help sell homes much faster. It’s a room where we all gather every day. You want potential buyers to walk in and fall in love with the kitchen.

Proving you have the budget to renovate your kitchen, it’s a very smart investment. You are almost guaranteed to get your investment back when you do sell the house.

Renovate Your Kitchen Before Selling Your House

There are a few ways you can really upgrade your kitchen to bring it all together.


One of the best ways to renovate your kitchen is with new cabinets. Old, worn cabinets make the whole room look shabby and uncared for. People see old cabinets and might assume the entire kitchen will need to be gutted.

Add some nice hardware, as well, to dress those cabinets up and make them look great. Find great handles and pulls that are easy to grab and will act as accents to the entire room.


If your old countertops are chipped, cracked, stained, or damaged, you really should replace them. Some countertops are very expensive and very personal, as well, so make them look nice, but don’t go overboard.

Stick to a solid color and something that is easy to clean and maintain. Consider butcher block, cement, or quartz. These are popular choices and will make a huge difference to the kitchen.


The lighting in the kitchen also makes a big difference to how the kitchen feels. There are some easy ways to upgrade the lighting when you renovate your kitchen.

  • Under-cabinet lights
  • In-cabinet lights
  • Install dimmers
  • Chandelier
  • Accent lights
  • Task lights

These small changes can give a great new look and feel to the entire kitchen. Smaller lights for when no one is there to brighter, overhead lighting for when you are all working or eating.

Sinks and Faucets

Another smart move when renovating your kitchen is to take out your old sink and faucets. Taps and faucets that are stained or leaking make the whole room look old.

Put in a new sink, or sinks, get new fixtures on them and add or upgrade the backsplash. That is a great way to add a bit of color and style to the kitchen and the backsplash serves a purpose and looks great.


There is no point in sprucing up everything around your appliances and then leaving your tired old appliances there. Fit in some new, smart appliances that look great and make life easier.

Get them all to match each other but avoid a specific color, as that is a personal choice that potential buyers might not like.


The floors are something else that people will notice right away and should be included when you renovate your kitchen. Floors can also make the entire room look dull, dirty, and old.

Something nice and durable is a good idea. It should be bright, plain and not too busy. Something that won’t stain, show dirt, or cost a lot of money, but pulls the room together with a brand new look.

Renovate Your Kitchen Before Selling Your Home

Even a few small changes can make a big difference. If you need more information about renovating your kitchen, contact Karin Ross or check out the website for some great ideas. Renovate your kitchen to make it look its very best.