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Remodeling a Kitchen During the Holidays? 5 Stress-Free Tips

Remodeling a Kitchen During the Holidays 5 Stress-Free Tips

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Remodeling a kitchen during the holidays is a stressful undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be. There are always going to be things that happen that will cause delays or go wrong.

But being prepared for them can make the entire job go much smoother. Your entire life will be upside down for the duration of the kitchen renovations, so here are a few tips to make it easier.

Remodeling a Kitchen During the Holidays? 5 Stress-Free Tips

Remodeling your kitchen will be a big mess, a lot of noise and very stressful. But there are a few things you can do to make it less so.

  • Set a Budget

Figuring out how much you are going to spend, and what can help you if you are remodeling a kitchen during the holidays. Choose what you want to spend with saving, and then figure out what else you need.

Make sure you have a bit of a credit card or other funds for things that go wrong, to cover something that isn’t available or other issues. But stick to the budget you set out and set out a budget.

  • Make a Plan

Start your plans early. Get ideas of what you want and run them by your designer or contractor. That way, when the time comes, you will already know if what you were thinking about is or isn’t possible.

The more work you put in ahead of time, the better. Think about your storage needs, whether the appliances or cabinets need to be moved, and any special needs you may have.

  • Alternative Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen during the holidays means you still need a kitchen. If you have a space in the basement with a fridge or where you can put in a small one, then you can use a microwave, crockpot, toaster oven, or a hotplate to prepare meals.

Plan this before the remodel starts so you know if it will work. If you have a laundry room with a sink, that will work, as well. Find a place to have meals and gather, especially if there are kids in the home.

  • Be Prepared for Delays

The countertops are not ready, the weather is preventing the crew from working, you have unexpected guests. A lot can go wrong when you are remodeling a kitchen during the holidays, so be prepared.

Nothing can add more stress to an already stressful situation than things going wrong. If you have a bit of extra money set aside, your temporary kitchen set up, or even another place you can go stay, it will help make the unexpected events manageable.

  • Be Flexible

There is a good chance you won’t get the exact kitchen you are dreaming of. Have some flexibility in a lot of areas. If you really want those countertops, then stick to that and allow other things to be alerted.

It’s not with the right to demand every single little detail. As long as you get your must-haves, you will still be happy. Stalling for every little thing will delay the remodel and can actually end up costing more.

Remodeling a Kitchen During the Holidays

If you are taking some time off and remodeling a kitchen during the holidays, keep your friends and family away. You can get a lot more done when you have the time and no one around.

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